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Get Fit With the 30-Day Yoga Challenge


This September's Global 30-Day Yoga Challenge (#30DYC) has a new twist. Inspired by the ALS #IceBucketChallenge, we're on a mission to spread yoga around the world. The #SpreadLove #ShareYogaChallenge will be hosted on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter throughout September.

30-Day Yoga Challenge

We want YOU to do yoga with us and help raise money for Yoga Health Foundation, which brings yoga instruction to schools. Get healthy, share yoga and win cool prizes!

Some of our partners: Jillian Michaels, Laura Sykora,, FitFusion, and META­Health University.

You will find Yoga Month posts and articles on our media partner platforms, including,,, and throughout September.

Every year since 2009, I’ve hosted the longest-­running, social-media-driven online Global 30-Day Yoga Challenge, and it has repeatedly gone viral on YouTube. The goal this year is not only to get people doing yoga worldwide, but also to raise money for Yoga Health Foundation. Let's #SpreadLove #ShareYoga!


1.Take a video of yourself with at least one other person doing a yoga pose together.

2. Challenge at least three other people to do the same pose or a more advanced or interesting version.

Videos can include two people, small groups, families, or large groups such as classes, events, festivals or retreats. For Instagram, 15 seconds is the max you can post. For the other platforms, feel free to get more creative and create longer videos if you wish.

3. Post your video to social media and challenge at least three friends to do the same. Tag your video with #30DYC and #SpreadLove #ShareYoga for a chance to win cool prizes. Tag the sponsor of the prize that you want (ex.

* Five pairs of Nike Studio Wraps
* One Starboard Travel SUP Yoga Board
* One $500 Scholarship to a Pranashama Yoga Teacher Training or Retreat
* Five memberships to
* Five memberships to
* $500 tuition credit at META­Health University
* Five memberships to

4. Donate to Yoga Health Foundation, an organization that raises money to teach yoga in schools during recess. If you are challenged and don't submit your video within 24 hours, you are required to make a donation. You are encouraged to donate whether you create the video or not.

Here are some yoga routines to get going:
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– Dashama

An innovator in the field of yoga, health and fitness, Dashama Gordon is an international yoga teacher, founder of Pranashama Yoga Institute, author of Journey to Joyful and star of 23 yoga DVDs. She created the popular fitness fusion commonly known as paddleboard (SUP) yoga in 2009. As one of the first yoga teachers on YouTube, Dashama’s 30-Day Yoga Challenge reached millions of people and started her on an endless world tour traveling to teach her unique fusion yoga system, aka the Prasha Method. She has performed fire-dancing ceremonies all over the world and is passionate about preserving the natural environment.

Visit Dashama’s website and connect with her on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest.



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