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Keep Moving

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing – just keep moving. Find a workout that works for you. Get your friends to join in. As passionate as I am about fitness, Ive hit the point where I work out better with a buddy. Bonnie and I do DVD workouts,  I run with Alicia once a week, do hill sprints with the Tri-Chicks two Thursdays a month and run 5k races with Maria.

Paddle-board Yoga

In the past I would rarely step outside of my fitness comfort zone, today I am willing and eager to try a new workout. Last week I signed up for hip hop yoga…I have not a clue what to expect, however, I love hip hop and enjoy yoga – sounds fun. I saw an ad for paddle-board yoga – that sounds great too. I can only imagine the amazing core workout that will deliver.

Have you tried hot yoga? Honestly, I am not a fan of hot workouts, however, I do love how the heat enables my body to move. Upon entering the “hot” studio its as though my body heaves a huge sigh and releases all of its tension. My movements during class are more fluid and strong. I feel cleansed after class in a way that running or circuit training cannot deliver. I’m doing a soft sand workout this weekend – sounds crazy right now. I used to do  soft sand sprints twice a week – seems like forever ago – no time like the present to jump back in.

My point is this: Keep moving. Doesn’t matter what it is, simply move your body. Your willingness to participate and be active has monumental benefits for you in this moment and moving forward. Share your workouts here – I’m up for an adventure, what are you up to?



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