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Madonna’s Former Trainer Shares Her Hot-Body Workout Routine

Madonna's devotion to her workout routine is as legendary as her music. To achieve her ripped arms and tight buns, doing the right exercises is crucial. But many people who start exercise programs stop. Commitment is what gets results, yet it's hard to be dedicated. How does the "Rebel Heart" singer makes it look easy? Turns out, her trainer of five years knows the secret to Madonna's superhuman ability to stick to her workouts: Combine the art of inner expression with fitness.


Meet Nicole Winhoffer, a dancer and personal trainer who has also shaped Mya, Rachel Weisz and Stella McCartney. Since working with the superstar, Winhoffer has designed the Hard Candy Fitness classes for Madonna's chain of global luxury fitness clubs and "Addicted to Sweat" DVD series. Now Winhoffer is taking her new NW Method around the globe in Adidas by Stella McCartney outfits, launching at Gymbox in London.

If you can't join a class, try this glute workout video. Winhoffer instructs a multi-muscle, body-weight workout that tones the upper glutes and core. To get the full Madonna workout experience, read on to discover how Winhoffer's unique fitness philosophy will help you endure a workout that burns up to 900 calories.

What is the NW Method?
"In the first half of each 60-minute class, I pull 70 moves from dance, sport and toning. The second half develops cardio fitness through steady-state speed and agility moves that mimic a boxer's workout," Winhoffer says.

Like a Madonna concert, each class is a visual and sensual experience set in the dark with chromotherapy lighting. This enhancement uses certain colors thought to have a therapeutic affect on mind and mood by waking up corresponding healing chakras in the body.

"Inspired by humanity, I also connect the workout to what's going on in the world," says Winhoffer. "For example, if something is happening in Kenya, I'll shed light on that; I'll play African music."

Winhoffer designed the workout in six rounds. Each move is repeated 30 times moving in a flow with no rest in between each exercise.

Here's just a taste of what one class might look like:

Round 1: (Warm-up) 25 rotational exercises with arms.

Round 2: 7 exercises firing up underused muscles (corners of the butt, waist, triceps, etc.).

Round 3: 10 exercises targeting the full body.

Round 4: 5 exercises for abs targeting upper, middle, lower abs and waist.

Round 5: 8 to 10 speed and agility movements in sequence lasting 15 minutes.

Round 6: (Cool-down) 10 to 15 moves, followed by stretching.

Think you're up to the challenge? To take one of Nicole Winhoffer's private classes in NYC, sign up at

– Monique

Based in Toronto, Monique Savin has been a journalist since 2005. As a columnist and multimedia producer, she has worked with national newspapers such as The Globe and Mail and various magazines.

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