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How My Mom Beat Osteoporosis With CrossFit



In 2008, my mother, Sylvia Mosier, went to the doctor for a bone-density scan and left with an osteoporosis diagnosis.

"I was 61 at the time, and I knew I needed to do something. I could feel that my muscles were already starting to atrophy. If I squatted down, there was no way I could get up without help," my mom remembers.

The news of my mom's osteoporosis hit my family extremely hard as well. It became a huge reality check. We knew something had to be done.

Around the same time, my two older brothers and I discovered CrossFit. As ex-athletes, we craved something to keep us excited about fitness. We missed having a coach running us through drills, and CrossFit filled that void. We were also enthralled with the energy of the group classes, the challenge of trying new movements and, of course, our physical progress.

So one day, my oldest brother, J.J., a general surgeon and local CrossFit gym owner, suggested to our mom that she try CrossFit to improve her health. Having not exercised in decades, she was hesitant at first. She started by working on the basics and learning the movements. She stuck with light weights or body weight. But soon she noticed a change in her strength and confidence. She gradually increased the weight load and even began to tackle more technical lifts.

"You know the saying, 'Fear your workout?' That is how I feel the majority of the time. I am always afraid I am not going to be able to accomplish a task. Then, somehow, I always do, even if it means modifying a move," my mom says. "Other times, the workout may include something I know I am good at. That excites me because I know I am doing just as well if not better than younger CrossFitters!"

In 2012, my mom went in for a follow-up bone-density scan and received new results: She no longer had osteoporosis. When her doctor delivered the news this time, he told her not to stop whatever she had been doing. "I don't think he had seen results that quickly before," my mom says. Her most recent scan taken in March of 2014 showed even more improvement.

My mom's CrossFit training continues to this day. You'll find her at the gym three to four days a week, every week. Her dedication has paid off. She can deadlift up to 220 pounds and back squat 185 pounds. "Realizing what your body can do is an awesome feeling," she says.

Throughout her journey, the CrossFit coaches and community have given her unwavering support. In turn, she's become a valued member of the team. "Everybody knows her. She attends all the competitions and impromptu get-togethers," J.J. says. "She's probably the most popular person in the gym."

Thanks to CrossFit, my mom is on track to healthier, happier senior years.


Readers -- Have you tried CrossFit?  Did you experience any health benefits from CrossFit? Would you try CrossFit after reading this? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Madeline Mosier is a CrossFit Level 1 Certified Coach, an Extreme Fitness Trainer and a personal trainer at Brick CrossFit in West Hollywood, California, where she is also the general manager. Madeline is a competitive CrossFitter. She has represented Brick with her teammates at the CrossFit Games Regional level and numerous local unsanctioned CrossFit competitions. She works hard to empower others to live a healthy, sexy and active lifestyle through fitness.

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