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My Secret “Flat Belly Superfood”

I must admit that I get a little annoyed when I hear people yap away about "superfoods." What does this term mean anyway?  Does any healthy food qualify as a "superfood"? To be honest, how you define a superfood should depend on your health and wellness goals. What may be magic fuel for one person, could be poison to another.

Secrets of 16 Strange and Popular Superfoods

If your goal is to lose a few pounds - or maintain your weight - adding superfoods rich in calories and good fats like, almonds and walnuts to everything you eat won't help your cause. People seem to think that once the word "superfood" is used, portion control can go out the window.  They start adding that superfood to everything in their diet. And, yes, they may be increasing some key nutrients, but they also may be overdoing it and negating their weight-loss (or even weight maintenance) goals. Packing on five pounds in a few weeks while eating "healthier" isn't exactly "super" if you are trying to drop ten pounds.

Waistline-Friendly Superfood
If I had to pick, a waistline-friendly superfood, I would choose based on the most common question I receive: "How do I do I lose weight and get a flat stomach?" Sound vain? Maybe, but it's true.  Many people are working hard toward new weight loss goals and tighter abs.

So here it is: Yogurt is my "flat belly superfood."

Research, including a 2003 University of Tennesee study, have shown that dieters seeking to lose weight were more successful when they included yogurt as a part of their diet as compared to those on similar diets without yogurt. As an added bonus, they also had a much more drastic reduction in belly fat! Of course, like anything else out there, you must be careful to read the nutrition label, as some yogurt can pack as much sugar as a bag of gummy bears and more calories than French toast.

The Benefits Don't Stop There...

While weight loss and flat stomachs are definitely a drawing factor, there are countless other benefits associated with yogurt - here are a few:

1. The probiotic bacteria in most yogurts helps keep your digestive system healthy, which translates into a lower incidence of gas, bloating, and constipation.

2. The promotion of the growth of good bacteria, helps strengthen your immune system.

3. High in calcium and Vitamin D, when you eat yogurt you're making sure your bones, hair and nails stay healthy!

4. Loaded with potassium, protein and other vitamins, yogurt is an epic pre-and- post-workout food.



Readers - Do you like yogurt — or even love it — as much as I do? How often do you eat yogurt? Do you have any favorite yogurt mix-in toppings or recipes that you can share? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Amanda Russell is a top-rated fitness and lifestyle writer, professional keynote speaker, Olympic-trained athlete, model, spokeswoman, founder of and one of the industry's leading experts in fitness, wellness and change.  Amanda has her own professional online workout channel and talk show. She can be found writing about life, fitness, wellness and change on her website: To watch Amanda’s show, visit AmandaRussell.TV. She was recently named as one of Google's "Next Top Fitness Trainer's in 2012."

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