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Network For A Better Body

Editor's Note: The following is a guest post from Greatist--a health and fitness resource for the young, savvy, and social. Greatest is one of the sources I use to find easily digestible, entertaining, and well-researched information. For more information, visit Greatist here.

When it comes to getting fitter, it's sometimes the wallet -- and not the will -- that gets in the way. Looking for help in the office and among friends can knock out costs while opening up a whole new world of fitness opportunities -- and potentially foster some new friendships in the process.

•    Tap into an employer's wellness benefits. From nutrition education to fitness classes, these perks can end up saving money by cutting down on employee healthcare costs. And it's not just the Fortune 500 rolling out the goods; similar programs at smaller companies are also effective at improving overall employee health. So hit up the company gym for a productivity boosting midday workout, or stroll on down to HR to finally request that sit-stand workstation.

•    Employee benefits behind the times? Piggyback off a friend's. Find out which extras your friends are working with, whether it's free guest passes to their gym or an extra spot on the company-sponsored basketball team (and come on, no one REALLY checks those rosters). Plus, many gyms offer referral discounts for signing up a friend, so tagging along could be a financial win-win for all involved.

Your friend's company could use your jump shot.

•    And don't be afraid to look for friends with other benefits (no, still not that kind). If that trainer, coach, or expert yogi friend doesn't end up providing a little free help, they'll be a willing -- and knowledgeable -- workout buddy in a pinch. And over time, our attitudes (and health!) might be influenced by who we spend time with, so surround yourself with healthier peeps for a sunnier outlook and fitter self.

•    Get online. Head to sites like or take a LIVESTRONG.COM Dare to find fitness-based games, activities, and events. Or keep on the lookout for sporty start-ups like Sportaneous to find like-minded individuals. Charity events and alumni games are also great opportunities to get in shape while catching up. It’s just probably best to avoid Craig’s List…

•    Plan active dates. Kill two birds with one stone (er, hopefully not lovebirds) and go for active romantic outings or try a couples workout. Plus, activity makes for much more interesting conversation (and a better time) than a boring meal over candlelight. Good for first dates and repeats to keep the romance alive!

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