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Out of Pain and Into Performance in 30 Days – Part 2

Welcome back to week two of our four week series on helping you build a foundation for physical health that will enable you to make 2013 the year you get our of pain and/or increase your performance!

In my last blog post I introduced you to two basic Foundation Training exercises, the Founder and Adductor Assisted Back Extension. The goal of these exercises is to begin the process of integrating the posterior chain of muscles along the back of your body. When these muscles learn to work together, every day tasks become quite a bit more comfortable and many of you will quickly develop strength in places you haven’t felt before. A lot of people are surprised at the significance small changes to movement patterns can have in their life. The reality is that strengthening your posterior chain will have a positive impact on nearly every movement you make.

This week we are going to integrate the hip flexors.  If there is one piece of information you must know it is this: if the hip flexors are not in their most effective position, the muscles of the posterior chain can not integrate properly.

To address this, we will introduce the next two exercises, the Woodpecker and the Lunge Stretch.  These exercises will teach you to feel your hip flexors and properly engage the glute, hamstring and low back muscles of the posterior chain.  Learning to use these muscles properly as an integrated chain will distribute your body weight, as well as the forces of daily living, amongst the strongest muscles in the body, where there are designed to be, as opposed to dispersing them abrasively through the joints, causing weakness, degeneration and pain.  Once your body relearns to activate this pattern, you will be amazed at how much strength, performance and pain relief you can achieve.

Without further hesitation I am excited to share the next two exercises with you: My suggested practice would be for you to do three of each exercise in the morning and another three repetitions of each around the early afternoon.   Surprise yourself with how good it can feel after practicing just a few minutes of focused, effective exercise.  As with all Foundation Training exercises, all you need is your body and a bit of enthusiasm to make yourself feel better.

Another great tool to learn about an effective exercise to lengthen your hip flexors is found at the end of my Ted talk video below. Press “play” and skip forward to the last four minutes or so, and learn how to stand tall with long hip flexors and an engaged posterior chain.

I hope you enjoy this week’s exercises.  If you have any comments or concerns, please feel free to let us know.  See you next week for Part Three!

-Dr. Eric

Dr. Eric Goodman is creator of the innovative exercise and rehabilitation program called Foundation Training. Eric acts as a consultant to numerous Doctors, strength coaches, athletes, celebrities, and severe chronic pain sufferers around the world and has been featured in numerous media programs for his thought provoking theory about human movement and chronic pain.

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