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P90X: The Road to a Beach Body

I never would have imagined I would be doing P90X. Three reasons: I love exercising with a group, I love exercising outside, and I could not imagine the motivation it would take to get up, put in a DVD and actually do a workout.  Not to mention I have two dogs, and having me jump around my living room – throwing around resistance bands and having a yoga mat on the floor is just a recipe for disaster. Inevitably the dogs either become very animated depending on my level of energy or they start their own yoga practice. Either way, it just did not seem doable.

Cut to the end of March this year, I had not worked out at all since February 15th. I had come down with a nasty flu and when I recovered from that (6 blissfully lazy weeks later), it dawned on me that I was completely bored with the current workouts I had been doing pre-flu. I had literally been running 25 – 30 miles a week for the past year peppered in with various circuit training classes around town. I did not want to make a year commitment to the gym that is next door to the office – it’s not cheap – even though the classes are great and the locker room is amazing.

Susy and Bonnie Santa Monica 10k 2011

Here is where my perception changed. My roommate, Bonnie, suggested we do P90X. She told me she all the DVD’s and had not been able to complete them all alone. There it was a new challenge that would not only allow me to save money, but would also let me get ready for work at home! No schlepping of clothes, shoes, lotions and potions – sounded like heaven.

So here we are, starting week 3 of chest, back, plyometrics, ab ripper x, arms, legs and kenpo. It has been challenging thus far. After week one neither of us could move without groaning in pain, thank goodness that has subsided. I feel stronger and I am noticing a difference in certain body areas. I didn’t know how I would adapt to P90X because historically I have been a cardio junkie. I love this. It is different, new and the time flies by. Let me also mention that not only is this a tough workout, its comedy: I know that we absolutely look ridiculous doing some of these moves and the things that Bonnie and I say to Tony Horton are hysterical.

Stay tuned for next week’s update and let me know about your quest for a “Beach Body”.


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