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Popular Posts You May Have Missed in November


It’s a new month, but don’t let that stop you from re-reading the greatest hits of November from the LIVESTRONG.COM blog. We've rounded up the most popular posts so you can read, favorite, bookmark and share to your heart's delight. So put on your stretchy pants and read on!

My Vegan Journey and Descent Into Orthorexia: Blogger Jordan Younger shared her inspiring story of transitioning from an unhealthy obsession with healthy food to a more balanced view of nutrition and health.

How to Create the Best Diet for YOUR Body: In her post, raw food chef and nutritionist Sophie Jaffe tells us how to ignore all the diets that proclaim they are the answer to all that ails you. Instead, she walks us through how to figure out an eating plan that’s best for the unique snowflake that you are.

Get Six-Pack Abs With Zero Sit-Ups:  Yes, you read right — “zero sit-ups.” Nada. None. No mas. Celeb personal trainer and former professional ballet dancer Jason Wimberly demonstrates six moves that will sculpt and tone your core. The proof is in the pudding: Check out his amazing results.

Sideplank 2

How to Help Boost Your Metabolism:  Dr. Cederquist shares her very doable tips on how to kickstart your pokey metabolism into high gear — just in time for Christmukkah feasting!

Here are some more great posts from November:

Get Into Fighting Shape With These Krav Maga Moves
How to Find Your Stress “Sweet Spot”
Why You Need to Pump Up Your Workout With Music
The Top Myths About Plant-Based Diets

And make sure you bookmark the LIVESTRONG blog page to check out all the great content we publish every day and sign up for the LIVESTRONG.COM newsletter.

- Lili

Lili Ladaga is a content editor for LIVESTRONG.COM.  She’s written for CNN,, and Yahoo News. She’s a former couch potato-turned-Pilates-fanatic who enjoys hiking, traveling and eating everything … in moderation.

You can follow her on Twitter at @leftcoastlili

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