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Popular Posts You May Have Missed in October


Pop quiz, people: What does “GMO” stand for? If you said “general manufactured ingredient,” you missed your chance to be humiliated on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” this month. But if you want to see who else failed Abbreviations 101, check out Jess Barron’s write-up.


We’ve rounded up the most popular blog posts from October so you can re-read, favorite, bookmark and share to your heart’s delight. Read on!

The No. 1 Reason Your Workout Isn’t Working:  Fat is like that houseguest who asks if they can crash at your place for “a couple of days” and stays for a month. Want to know why those love handles are still crashing at your place, even though you’ve been working out like fiend? Amanda Russell explains why. (Hint: One word, starts with an “i”).

The Problem With Cage-Free EggsIf you’ve been patting yourself on the back for buying cage-free eggs, you might want to stop after reading this post. Turns out those chickens you thought were running free through the fields and happily laying eggs may still be stuck in a barn.

Foods to Keep Out of Your KitchenGet these food offenders out of your pantry, STAT.  Alexandra Miller explains which foods you need to avoid having in the house and why.

Paleo Girl Scout CookiesOh, yes, you read that right — Paleo. Girl. Scout. Cookies. Now there’s no need to run screaming in the opposite direction when you see those girls in green. Get the healthier versions of your Girl Scout Cookie favorites from Tammy Credicott.

Here are some more great posts from October:

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– Lili

Lili Ladaga is a content editor for LIVESTRONG.COM.  She's written for CNN,, and Yahoo News. She's a former couch potato-turned-Pilates-fanatic who enjoys hiking, traveling and eating everything ... in moderation.

You can follow her on Twitter at @leftcoastlili


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