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Riding Across The Plateau

After losing 30 pounds from cycling to from work and my doctor telling me I was no longer borderline diabetic I had hit a weight loss plateau.  The cause wasn't because I had stopped cycling.  In fact the complete opposite had happened.  Cycling had actually become a hobby I did on the weekends where I would keep increasing the distances I could cover in a single day.  The cause was something I hadn't anticipated.  The cause was complacency.

In November 2011 my doctor told me I was no longer borderline diabetic which gave me a sigh of relief.  I had done what I set out to do which was to lose weight and improve my overall health.  I kept on the right path for about a month after my doctor's visit but shortly thereafter something changed.  I stopped losing weight.  At first I was perplexed, but after a while I realized what had happened.  I was cycling between good and bad eating habits.

Looking back I think I think I started feeling that because I was cycling 100+ miles every week I no longer needed to really watch what I eat.  Some days would be good and some days would be not so good.  Even more than good or bad days I would group good or bad weeks together.  If I was having a few bad days I would make it a bad week and if I had several good days in a row I would try to keep it a good week.  I was in a good/bad cycle.  I was struggling.

I have been struggling for the last 6 months I knew what I had to do.  The answer to my struggle wasn't a fad diet or some magic pill.  In fact it was far simpler than that.  The answer was something that I had been hearing since I was a small child.  Diet AND exercise.  Calories taken in versus calories burned.  For the first 8 months of cycling I did very well at both, but after my doctor told me I was in the clear the former began to suffer.  The difference between now and the other times I tried to lose weight was this: No matter how many bad days or weeks I had, I kept trying.  I never got down on myself.  I knew if I ever did my forward progress would stop and, more likely, regress to where I was or worse.   By keeping a positive outlook I was able to get off the plateau and in the last 3 weeks have been able to lose 10 more pounds simply by cycling and watching what I eat.

It doesn't matter whether there are good or bad days/weeks.  What matters is maintaining a positive disposition and attitude.   Just keep trying.  Keep trying to do better and be better no matter what happens.  Staying positive isn’t a free pass to keep being bad, but it is a tool to keep the mind in the game until the body can catch up.

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