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Don’t Stretch Before a Workout and CVS Charging 8 Times More for Some Rx

CVS Charging 8 Times More for Some Prescriptions

According to a recent Consumer Reports survey, CVS charges $150 a month for the generic version of the popular cholesterol drug, Lipitor, while Costco offers Lipitor for only $17. The findings showed that most expensive places to get your prescriptions were CVS, Target and Rite Aid, and the least expensive prescriptions were at Costco, Wal-Mart and Walgreens.


Bird Flu Spreads to Other Animals

The bird flu strain in China has mutated so it can spread to other animals. The virus is now a bigger threat to people, and as of today, the flu has killed four people and infected ten others. There's no evidence of human-to-human transmission of the virus. Scientists are investigating the mode of transmission, and it's too early to tell whether the cases may signal a pandemic, according to the World Health Organization.


Stretching Before a Workout Might Not Be Beneficial

New research shows that stretching before working out isn't as effective as was once thought. A study concluded that static stretching before lifting weights can make your muscles feel weaker and your legs feel wobbly. Another study released this month found athletes who stretched for long periods of time before competition actually had reduced muscle strength during performance.

However, researchers found that a dynamic warm-up worked well, and they recommend moving all the muscles required in your workout. Jumping jacks and high leg kicks to prepare muscles were encouraged, rather than long static stretches that left muscles feeling too loose.


Who Owns Your Health Data? You May Be Surprised.

By 2014 doctors will be required to keep electronic medical records for their patients. This means that your doctor will own your data. While you have access to it and can request amendments, the digital copy will always exist, even after you've deleted your own copy.

The push for all-electronic records could affect your insurance claims because insurance companies will have access to the electronic data. While there is no verdict yet on how the mass amount of information will be accurately stored, it's likely already happening in your doctor's office. Comment below or tweet us at @LIVESTRONG_COM if your doctor is already using electronic records.


Worst 11 Cities for Well-Being. Is Your City on the List?

A new survey tallied up the best and worst cities in the U.S. for well-being. The scores revealed that the best places to live were in the Western and Midwestern states, and the less favorable were in the Southern states. The best place to live? Lincoln, Neb., and the worst was Charleston, W. Va.


Great News: Possible AIDS Vaccine

American researchers have found big clues that could lead to a possible AIDS vaccine. They tracked one individual's immune response to the virus to find how certain mutations led to an antibody that can defeat many HIV strains. While the vaccine is still far off, the research is a new breakthrough.


Over 1 Million People Have Died Early from China's Air Pollution

Over 1 million people are dying early from air pollution in China. The cause? China's explosive growth. Research says that cars and trucks are being added to the streets at record numbers. China's power plants burn tons of low-grade coal and energy consumption in China has risen.


Michele Obama Launches Better Lunch Contest

Michelle Obama has challenged children age 8 to 12 and their parents to create nutritious lunch recipes for a new campaign called "The Healthy Lunchtime Challenge." She is seeking recipes to represent each food group, and the kids who submit the best recipes will head to Washington to eat at the White House kids' "state dinner" luncheon this year. Comment below or tweet us at @LIVESTRONG_COM about what recipe(s) you would send the First Lady.

Readers - Would you change pharmacies for a better price on your prescriptions? Do you still think it's a good idea to stretch before a workout? Share your comments and advice. What do you think of these stories? Are there other pieces of health and fitness news you’d like to see us writing about? Leave a comment below, and let us know! Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter @LIVESTRONG_COMFacebookPinterest, and Instagram.

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