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The Best in Health

It's rare that you have a chance to be acknowledged for something as big as helping people live healthier lives--especially when you work in digital and print media. After all, anyone who makes a living in this industry knows it's not a career designed for the spotlight. Like any profession, there's lots of behind-the-scenes work that occurs in order for the final product to be produced. Here at LIVESTRONG.COM, I'm proud to serve as a voice for our incredible team of editors, community managers, developers, and designers who bring this site to life to help so many people. In reality, it's the people you rarely see or hear from that make LIVESTRONG.COM a destination for millions every month.

Which is why this post is so important to me: LIVESTRONG.COM has been nominated for a Webby. The Webby Awards acknowledge the best online websites in a variety of categories. We've been nominated for the best health website, and your vote will help determine the winner.

Show your support and vote for LIVESTRONG.COM for the best health website.

While we never look to be thanked for our work, we would appreciate your support as it's a chance for the "faceless" team of tireless workers at LIVESTRONG.COM to receive credit for all their time. If you enjoy the information you find on the site, the community we've created, and the tools we've designed to help you achieve your potential, then please vote and show your support.

Voting ends April 26th, and we are thankful for all your help. No matter what, we’ll continue improving our site and making this your preferred destination for health, fitness, and nutrition, so you can live a better life.

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