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The Fit Body Solution

For the past 13 years, I've been trying to solve a puzzle about health and fitness. I've talked with doctors, researchers, trainers, nutritionists, sociologists and psychologists in an attempt to understand why we have so much trouble creating a healthier population.

All of the information I’ve learned shaped my approach to being open-minded and creating content in a way that helps you live a better life. My evolution as a health translator and crusader has led to a striking revelation: We're trying to solve a puzzle that is missing the most essential piece...


This isn't meant to be cryptic or cast a shadow of doubt on our experts. We feature their content on LIVESTRONG.COM, and they are the people we need to learn from. These professionals have decades of experience and provide solutions on everything from how to lose weight, eat healthier, feel better, accomplish goals, and eliminate aches and pains. And while their solutions will never lack credibility, their advice lacks relevance if they fail to reach you in a way that is most beneficial.

That is, the best answers in the world lack value if they aren't catered to the right questions.

I can spend all day listing some of my greatest lessons. In fact, I've done it before and have even shared my philosophy of the “pulse moments” that define your character. But those posts have limited value if they don’t address your needs. The reality is, each and every person has their own hurdles, and many people have shared challenges. I've heard your complaints and seen your frustrations posted on this site. So this is my attempt to serve you to the best of my ability.

I've mentioned many times that I was a teacher prior to my days as an editor. In many ways, I feel that LIVESTRONG.COM is my classroom and you are my students. While I might give the occasional great lecture, I don't do a good enough job of taking a step back and asking the class if they have any questions.

So here's my challenge and request: What do you want to know? What frustrates you or makes achieving your goals difficult? What questions do you have about health, fitness, nutrition, exercise, preparing for events, counting calories, fighting injuries, and just making sense of all the BS in the industry.

Please respond in the comments below. Pass this article to everyone you know and have them share their questions here. It’s time to give you a voice in the health conversation. I will personally be reading through all of your comments with my team and creating articles that will make even better use of our experts.

The ball is in your court. I'm determined to make our content even better, but I need to hear your voice.

With your help, we can complete the puzzle and put all the right pieces in place. And once that happens then everyone can enjoy the game of health a little more.

-Adam Bornstein

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