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The Stopwatch Starts Now

Day one.
I needed a wake-up call.
I’ve noticed my jeans getting tighter for awhile now… today I know exactly what the damage is. Yes, I stepped on the scale today (something I have not done since September of last year). Last Fall my weight wasn’t an issue because I was running my butt off training for a half marathon. I was on a constant runners high and could literally eat and drink whatever I wanted. Fast forward to January of this year and the mere thought of running was physically/soulfully painful. I was incredibly burned out – probably for the first time ever in my life of exercising. In March, I knew I had gained some weight, and not ready to start running again, I started P90x. I have yet to miss a workout, however, I have not been mindful of my calories. I have been over indulging in wine and what I like to call “2nd Dinner”.

I know what I need to do.

While healthy eating is a lifestyle, most people are successful when there is an end date to the goal of weight loss. I’ve set one up for myself and for a few of my girlfriends.

In 8 short weeks the weight I have added over the past 9 months will be gone. It’s a realistic goal. I honestly haven’t gained that much weight, but it’s all relative. My clothes feel tight. Enough said.

In 8 weeks we will be poolside sporting our bikini bodies and feeling amazing due to our commitment, motivation, and hard work.
Tick tock – 8 weeks is a bleep in the grand scheme of things. We can do this.
Join me!
Let’s do this together!
Share your favorite recipes, tips and workouts with the community.
The stop watch starts now.


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