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The Virgin Diet Food Intolerance Quiz


If you haven't read JJ’s post about "The Virgin Diet and 7 Foods that May be Hurting You," it's definitely worth a read. After years of study, JJ discovered that soy, gluten, dairy, eggs, peanuts, corn and sugar/artificial sweeteners were usually the foods that kept people from achieving their weight loss goals. If you're skeptical about this, as we’re sure many of you are, we challenge you to take this food intolerance quiz and share your feedback in the comment section below. We'll even give away free copies of JJ's new book to a lucky few who comment!

Answer each question with never (0), seldom (1), sometimes (2), or often (3).

I need a cup of coffee or other pick-me-up to jumpstart the middle of my morning or afternoon. _______

I crave baked goods, pasta, and other carbohydrates. _______

I have difficulty falling asleep, or I awake during the night feeling anxious and struggle to get back to sleep. _______

My bowel movements occur infrequently (less than one a day), which can sometimes be painful and involve straining. _______

My mood can change swiftly, and I take out my crankiness and irritation on coworkers and family. _______

I want to lay my head down on my desk mid-morning or afternoon because I have little motivation to remain productive. _______

During meetings or conversations I zone out, and I struggle to concentrate for long periods of time with my work. _______

Even though I eat a big meal, I find myself hungry and craving more of what I ate several hours later. _______

Doing routine and important tasks takes all the energy and initiative I have. _______

Even as an adult, I struggle with acne, rashes, or blotchy skin even though I use expensive skin cream. _______

I head to the bathroom or step outside after a meal because of gassiness, bloating, or other uncomfortable gut issues. _______

The smell of a scented candles, perfume, and detergents bothers me. _______

Walking or moving around can create cramping, achiness, or joint pain. _______

I develop headaches that prevent me from enjoying the moment and leave me scrambling for a pain reliever. _______

I eat all the right foods in moderation, exercise religiously, and yet every pound seems a maddening struggle to lose. _______

Even though I don't have other cold/flu symptoms, I suffer a scratchy throat or sinus trouble. _______

Total Score: ______

What your scores mean:

18 or above - You most likely struggle with food intolerances that create many unpleasant symptoms and stall fast fat loss. By removing these seven foods for just three weeks, you'll see these symptoms disappear and the scales will start moving again.

10 to 17 - You display some of the symptoms that food intolerances can trigger. You would greatly benefit from removing these seven foods for just three weeks to eliminate those symptoms and lose those last few pounds.

Below 10 - While you suffer few of the symptoms brought about by food intolerances, you could still benefit from removing these seven foods for just three weeks. Even the healthiest person can take their game up a notch and ditch those last few stubborn pounds, right?


The Virgin Diet: Why Food Intolerance is the Real Cause of Weight Gain

If you want to learn more about The Virgin Diet, check out JJ's new book or visit You will learn about the top 7 food culprits that cause food sensitivities, where these foods hide, and how to make simple and delicious "lateral shifts" to replace the problem foods with better alternatives.

Celebrity Nutrition & Fitness expert JJ Virgin is author of NY Times bestseller The Virgin Diet and the bestselling Six Weeks to Sleeveless and Sexy. She was also co-host of TLC’s Freaky Eaters. JJ frequently blogs for The Huffington Post, LIVESTRONG.COM, and other prominent media outlets. She created the 4 x 4 Burst Training Workout and regularly appears on TV shows like Rachel Ray and The Today Show to discuss topics such as fast fat loss, weight loss, and food sensitivities.

Want more from JJ? Find her on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

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