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Top Selling Supplement Linked to Cancer

Top Selling Supplement Linked to Cancer
Ginkgo biloba is one of the top selling herbal supplements in the U.S., and millions of Americans take it because it's believed to boost memory and prevent dementia. Though studies haven't found any real evidence to support these particular claims, energy drinks and foods often add it to their products to increase its appeal to consumers. But a new study has found that gingko biloba might actually be harmful to your health. Scientists reported that the herbal supplement caused various types of cancer in lab animals, including liver and thyroid cancers. Although the study doesn't reveal the effects of gingko biloba on humans, the findings are alarming and have forced the Food and Drug Administration to take a closer look at supplement; which, is already banned in most energy drinks.

New Apps and Accessories Enable Smartphones to Check Blood Pressure, Vision, Etc.
Technology can now help you (and your doctor!) with medical examinations. New smartphone apps and accessories were revealed at the TedMed 2013 conference, and the future is looking bright for accessible, affordable medical phone accessories that are already approved by the F.D.A. These accessories can monitor blood pressure, measure heart function, take a photo of the inside of an eye and look at lung function. ABC News' Meera Dalal, M.D., reviewed the products and claims that they deliver on their promise and will hopefully help doctors and patients alike.

The Mediterranean Diet Claims Major Brain Benefits
A new study confirms that those who follow the Mediterranean diet reap major benefits. The study, which followed 17,478 men and women for four years, confirmed that eating a diet consisting of fish, poultry, vegetables and fruit, and limiting dairy foods and meat, helps maintain a healthy brain. It was the largest study of its kind and showed that following a Mediterranean diet has many benefits including decreased risk of cancer and positive effects in the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

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How to Make Perfect Cinco de Mayo Guacamole
Does placing the pit of the avocado in your delicious bowl of guacamole really keep it from turning that ugly shade of brown? Not really. To keep your party guac green and fresh, you'd have to keep it from interacting with air (impossible!). But don't fret; here are a few tips that will help you keep your guacamole fresh - and avocado green — for the party:
1. Try squeezing in some citrus to delay the oxidation process.
2. Keep it wrapped with plastic wrap before your guests arrive.
3. Remember that a small avocado per every few people will suffice, so don't make so much that it will be sitting out all day.

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Does Your Hairstyle Make You Look Fat?
Your hair can affect how you look, but did you know that it can make you appear thinner? Stylists say that long hair elongates the face and a bob cut (short in the back, long in the front) will actually make your face look thinner. Try parting your hair down the middle so that your hair makes your face look slimmer. Love bangs? Make sure the fringe is shorter in the middle and longer on the edges so that it can create a fresh, slender look. Eva Mendes sports long layers that fall along her face and below her chin, making her face look longer and they bring out her stunning jawline.

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