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How to Use LIVESTRONG.COM’s MyPlate Calorie Tracker


Tracking your recipes provides valuable insight into the food you prepared so you can see how healthy it really is.

Using LIVESTRONG.COM’s MyPlate Calorie Tracker is quick and easy:

1. Click the “Track” button on LIVESTRONG.COM to get to MyPlate:


2. Click on the “My Recipes” tab (below the list of daily meals)


3. Click on “Create a Recipe” to start building your custom recipe (just below, on the left)

create4. Enter the name of your recipe (optional: upload a photo)

5. Specify whether you’d like to share your recipes with the LIVESTRONG.COM community or keep it private.

6. Follow the steps to build your recipe (add ingredients, quantities, details instructions)

7. Categorize your recipe (beverage, dessert, side dish, etc.), then click “Create Recipe”

Boom — it’s that easy! You can also modify your recipes to accommodate food allergies, dietary restrictions and ingredient substitutions as you see fit.

Plus, as part of the LIVESTRONG.COM community, you can share recipes, tips and secrets to help others succeed. There are already hundreds of existing recipes you can browse, try out and track. It’s like having your own customized cookbook just a few clicks away to help you stay on track.

Now that’s a recipe for success!

Happy tracking,


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