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Want A Six-Pack? Stop Over-Training!

Spring is approaching and you might be thinking that it is time to work out harder than ever. Let's face it, you only have a few more months before swimsuit season. Maybe you are already doubling and tripling work out time to burn maximum calories.  But, do you find you are beating yourself up in the gym for hours and hours to get rid of the same five-to-ten pounds. that never seem to come off? Are you wondering how you could possibly work out this much and not see any results? If any of these scenarios sound familiar, you could be over-training and under-nourishing your body.

I'm a group exercise instructor at several gyms in Austin, Texas, and I'm a personal trainer to clients all over the world. Recently, I've noticed that a large percentage of my clientele are those that have very little weight to lose, but want to shed that last layer of fat to see their a six-packs. They tell me they just can't get rid of those last pounds no matter how hard they try. Almost all of these clients have something very interesting in common: they work out two-to-three hours each day with no days off, and they barely eat enough calories to sustain daily living much less three-hour workouts. These clients are over-trained, exhausted and nutritionally-depleted.

Many of us know what it is to over-train, but no one talks about why people are doing it. So, I started asking my clients what was motivating them to train so obsessively for that many hours each day. The majority of the answers revolved around weight loss. They all knew that if they burned more calories than they were eating, they could lose weight. And initially this is true! But over time, if you are burning way more calories than you are consuming, you might hit "starvation mode."

Some people think this "starvation mode" is a myth. However, I honestly believe there is something to it. The human body is incredibly smart! If you starve it, it will do everything it can to protect itself and will hold onto every last pound! After working with hundreds of clients for weight loss, I can tell you that when I got the "over-trainers" to reduce their weekly exercise hours, they started losing weight. Now don't get me wrong, my clients work out hard! But one hour per day of solid training five-to-six times a week is enough.

These are some signs that you are over-training: fatigue, decreased athletic performance, injury, decreased immune system, irritability, decreased appetite, restless sleep, insomnia and even loss of sexual desire. Other more severe signs can include: depression, menstrual disorders for women and even extended periods of muscle soreness.

I was one of those "over-trainers" many years ago. I used to work out over two hours every day. Now I work out one hour per day, five-to-six days per week, and I make sure I eat enough calories to sustain my workouts. I'm not only 15 pounds lighter than I used to be, but I'm also stronger, more energetic, and I'm rocking a six-pack!

As a trainer and a coach, it's my job to help clients stop over- training so they can reach their true potential physically and emotionally. If you want to reach your true potential this bathing suit season, stop the obsessive over-training and focus on the quality of the workout, not the quantity. Take these extra hours you will "get back" and prepare healthy meals for your day Meal planning will benefit your weight loss more than working out excessively. Or better yet, take some of this new time on your hands to go enjoy life!


Kim Eagle, founder of Earn That Body!™, is revolutionizing the way personal training is done through her virtual coaching program!  She has helped hundreds of clients around the world lose weight, get ripped and most importantly, get healthy!  Her enthusiasm about healthy food & fitness is contagious!  She is a trainer who gets the job done, and she eats "excuses" for breakfast!

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