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Xtreme Timesaver Training

In my quest to not join a gym this year I have found a fantastic DVD! Xtreme Timesaver Training by Jackie Warner is one of the toughest dvd workouts I’ve ever done. This 30 minute routine hits every body part and blends cardio, toning and sculpting all into one effective workout. Within the first 4 minutes you will be dripping with sweat, I promise. And what I really love is that not just my body, but my brain is being reprogrammed. For years I've been under the guise that a workout had to be 45 minutes or longer to really be effective. Boy, was I wrong. I've been doing workouts that hover between 30-40 minutes and I'm feeling stronger than ever.

I also just gave Jackie’s JUMP! The Ultimate Rope a try. It's a great rope with weighted handles and a counter. I love it.

Jump! The Ultimate Rope

But even if you can’t get your hands on Jackie's fancy rope, one thing I do know is that jumping rope is an excellent, efficient, and effective addition to any workout regime. For the ultimate burn, try adding 200 ropes in between pushups or any other body weight exercise. It'll kick your butt!



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