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hey guys, I'm new at running so I'd like to know how many times a week should I be running??I'm trying to lose 20 pounds I was thinking about running five days a week is that good or bad??also how many miles should I be running per day??

    • Welcome to running! I hope you find it enjoyable! My advice would be to listen to your body a lot at first. When I first started, I couldn't even complete a mile. It will get easier and you may actually start to look forward to running if you stick with it smile

      Also, there's a general guideline that you should not increase your weekly mileage by more than 10% week over week. I've never actually done the math to follow that strictly, but I think the principle of not increasing too much too quickly is recommended. I've been injured before from ignoring that! I'd also recommend incorporating cross training (e.g. biking, elliptical, swimming, weight lifting) into your exercise routine to avoiding injury.

      If you haven't already, I'd make sure I have good running shoes. Everyone needs different levels of support so if you have a running specialty store, I'd go there to get fitted. People there are very knowledgeable and can put you in the right shoe based on watching you jog around the store a little. When I first started, blisters and knee pain plagued me until I got the right shoes. They really affect so much!

      A lot of people here swear by the Couch to 5k program. I've never followed it, but I'm sure plenty of people here can recommend it to you.

      Would love to hear updates on how you are doing!

    • thank you so much...I'm going to Google the running store I'm sure there is one out here in NYC so I have to find it..I'm definitely not trying to hurt myself..right now I just have my regular sneakers which I was going to use

    • Be patient!!! And don't reward yourself for running by eating stuff you know you shouldn't!!! When I started running I was gaining weight! I felt so bullet proof I thought the cookies would bounce off my exhausted sore running muscles. Nope still stuck

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      Nov 09 at 11:22 AM

      Jg - I still recommend using couch 2 5k. smile

    • jgraham,
      I agree with Anag. Also, have you decided on what ground you will be running on? I would recommend running outside on pavement. It will give you different variations of muscle workout that a treadmill won't. You will discover muscles you'd never used or pulled from before as they will help you in the long run. This way, when you really run a 5k or more race, you body will not go into shock by hitting hills, flats, bumps, curves etc.
      You want to be prepared for this road blocks, and your body must recognize them for a successful run.

    • there's a park across the street from where I live so that's where I will be running...yes I definitely know about the snacks I'm dealing with it now..I was 190 lost 30 pounds working out in the gym and doing herbalife so now I'm 160 and once I got to this weight I started snacking..I walk a lot so I havent gained any weight which is good but I haven't lost the 20 pounds I want to either...I can't make it to the gym any more because of my work schedule so I've decided to start jogging..I've thrown out the snacks that are in my house though.

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      Nov 09 at 01:36 PM

      Jg - do you live in an apt building with a stairwell? I'm getting into jogging too but I've also started running the stairs in my building - there are seven flights so I do multiple sets. I'm winded at the top but recovery the time I reach the bottom again. And it can be a very quick workout!

      Just an idea since you mentioned you live in NYC... smile

    • Great point, Skylor! Climbing stairs is AWESOME cardio. It's really tough too! I bet it whips you into shape really quickly.

    • yes I live in an apartment building..thanks that's a great idea

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      Nov 10 at 08:47 AM

      This article might help. It includes some good advice for getting started with a running program:

    • Thanks AnnRusnak! I think I needed to read that article too. smile

    • All I can say is read an learn how to do Chi Running. No impact, natural running method, I was able to go from futile trying to run (15-17 minute mailes to my first Half-marathon n my 50th birthday at 2 hrs 2 min and 22 seconds 9:15 second miles...

      It is based on natural running, like the barefoot African and South-American Indians that compete in the Olympics in contrast to the heal strike running that footwear manufacturers encourage ( totally unnatural way to plant your foot while running.

    • I know this is an old comment but I'll give you advice anyways:

      1. Drink plenty of water. MyPlate tracks the water you drink. Try getting a decent sized water bottle (about 32 oz) and keep it cold!

      2. Stay consistent. I would recommend not going a full week without running or exercising. Try cross training too. Core workouts can help you too.

      3. Start going about 1 mile or so and then slowly gain distance. Lots of people mention the C25K app. It's amazing and has good workouts to help you get faster.

      4. Keep eating healthy. Especially if you are trying to lose weight. Try eating salads, fruits, and whole grains. Avoid too much sugar. Also, try to eat smaller meals. My sister told me that eating every 2 hours will keep you both energized and healthy. Look up healthy snack recipes.

      I'm so sorry for how long this is. Good luck! Hope you can improve from these tips!

    • I have been walking marathons, but I want to run my next one which is in July. I have done four marathons and one half, I cant seem to run without stopping, The most I have ran is four miles nonstop and almost died. I am over 247 lbs now, by the way, I have never been under 200 lbs. What can I do?

    • This is great AnnRusnak! This article is very helpful. smile

    • Something I noticed when I first started running is that on my first run, I could barely do a mile. Two days later, I went on another run and I did almost 3 miles with just a short pause. So don't be discouraged if your first run is hard! As for mileage, I think you should initially aim for 3 miles, which burns about 300 calories and usually takes 30-40 minutes for a beginner. Once you can do this, work on your form- make sure your back is straight, your arms are at hip level and moving back and forth, and that your stride is comfortable. When you have the form down, then increase your mileage gradually.

    • I've enjoyed the RedRock Running app. Similar to Couch to 5K, but seemed to progress slower - so it was challenging, but never impossible.

    • Can I join this group? I have been running for a long time, but know that there is always more to learn. Running has so many benefits, such as being a stress reliever, weight loss tool, great fellow shipping tool, etc.

    • Hey Superrunner1! All are welcome!