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Wednesday goals

What are your goals for the day?

I had a major fail yesterday with regard to stress eating. I skipped the gym, came home from a really tough day at work where I had to have some hard conversations (not my specialty, for sure), and started eating everything in sight. I ate lots of things I don't normally eat and I am paying for it today, in both physical and emotional ways. I'm trying to learn a lesson here. My goals for the day are:

Eat my planned meals and only my planned meals
Walk around the office a few times at work
Relax when I get home

    • Mornin MT, Sorry for your struggles yesterday. Hope today is better for you. smile

    • MTaylor you will do great today! wink

    • Today I will limit my sugar intake.. yesterday chocolates happened....and frozen cool whip (I hate cool whip). Stress eating always turns to sugar.
      Must hydrate more!!!
      Eat better than yesterday.
      More laundry.
      Catch a mouse or rat that ran across my freakin feet in my screened porch. My Rottie is on the job, but not catching the darn thing. Getting cold and I suppose it wants to move in. Uh....not happening!!!!!

      Hope you all have a good day!

    • It happens to everyone! It's part of the process don't let it bring you down to much. Remember every day is a new day to start again and get motivated!

    • I hear you, yesterday my daughter decided to not tell anyone she was staying after school for soccer tryouts. Once she came home I said screw the calories and downed a Wicked, lol. Wasn't able to do my workout yesterday for time reasons and not feeling at all motivated today, and today is yoga day ( the only time I look forward to working out.)

    • I hope today is a better day for you, Mt.

      Today I will/have:
      1. Do Stronger: Soldier (done)
      2. Eat three square meals and no snacks (already ate a square of chocolate and some bacon with guacamole, I won't enter the kitchen again till dinner)
      3. Set up appointment for tomorrow (done)
      4. Read one chapter of Brave New World.
      5. Drink 6 mugs of water.

    • I am going to drink more water I failed on that part yesterday but my eating was on track. Today I have a birthday party to go to for my step dad and we are having spaghetti and there is going to be a cake involved. Luckily I am not to big on cake but I will need to watch it on the spaghetti. Went to the gym at 4:30 this morning yay!! Now just keeping on track as to what I eat.

    • Sorry to hear you had a rough one mt. You'll get it back; you're one strong smart lady! Today I will:

      Eat within goal - make good choices having lunch with my parents
      1/2 hr boot camp - done! - it's rare that I complete my daily exercise before the goal post is up. Somehow it counts "more" when I get to post about it wink
      Stay on top of dishes
      Not even going to pretend that I'm un-decorating my salon - today is just waaaay too busy

      Have a great Hump Day everyone!!

    • Hugs Mel. You know I failed yesterday too and today my stomach isn't happy today. But like I said yesterday, I will own today. You will own today too!

      Toda I will:

      1. eat at goal - everything planned and tracked and still need to add 200 calories to my dinner. I need to see what frozen veggies I have on hand.

      2. I did 30 mins on the treadmill, walked 30 mins at lunch and did a bunch of Freeletics exercises for the Jan challenge.

      3. Board meeting tonight for the non profit I'm involved with. It will be interesting to see what happens. It's a meeting for a fundraiser and I'm not comfortable with anything that has gone on so far. Its the issue that led me to fail yesterday (I chose failure instead of strength).

      4. Bed by 9 or so.

      I hope everyone has a successful day today.

    • Hi Julia, glad to see you are back!

    • jdm_taco has a Gold Membership
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      Jan 11 at 09:12 AM

      Run & bike

      Have a great day!

    • Double yea for Julia being back!!!

      Well, last night my husband, baby and I were all throwing up. It sucked. Today I feel mostly better but exhausted, so my only goal is to rest as much as possible and not worry about carbs. I'm going to eat crackers dammit and I'm not going to feel bad about it.

      Shrotie, I responded to your post. I hope you'll see it. I'm sorry I was insensitive.

    • rosesonthemove has a Gold Membership
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      Jan 11 at 09:28 AM

      Sorry your day got off track after work. You'll get it back today.

      My goals today:

      Eat four 300 calorie meals
      Up my 2 walks to 25 minutes each
      Hit the stairs twice today (5min each)
      Get the kids to the park
      Have coffee with some friends

    • Shortie one year when I was about 7 or 8 my mom left. Our Xmas decorations up until Easter, real tree and all. Now that's procrastination. Hope you feel better Sunshine. wink

    • Sunshine- Hope you and your family feel better. Ugh...that shat is NO FUN!
      Btw, I responded to your pics on ...uh I think Mondays goals. Forgot to add that I love your blouse and his cake is phenomenal. So cool!!!

      Also, wanted to add that I hate the pics of myself the last 10 years and feel the way you do...hence not any pics of myself on here. I only feel like that about myself not others. I totally get it. It's the demons within myself. Lots of emotional baggage goes with these unwanted pounds. I'm slowly moving past it.

    • Shortie- Lol.... I'm STILL putting away decorations. It's official. I have turned into my mother. TOOOOOOO MANY DECORATIONS

    • Thanks Nicole. I really appreciate both your comments. Today and Monday. In full disclosure I did not make that cake. Usually I'm all about baking but last week and some of this week I've had a cold and so much on my plate that I wasn't feeling in the heavy baking mood. So that was from a bakery and they did do an amazing job! Now I'm sick with this stupid stomach bug. I think it's moving on pretty quickly though. Luckily since my baby was/is also sick he's happy to just lay and watch cartoons with me. Also thankfully, since we just had everyone over, my house is clean and laundry is mostly done. So there isn't anything I HAVE to do other than be a sick mom with a sick baby.

    • Hi everyone. Yesterday was a major fail for me, but so far today I've been on track. I've stayed within my calorie goal, including my planned dinner, I've avoided sugar in all forms (day 1/14*), and I got in a quick workout. I still need to take care of some errands but so far so good today.

      *Fwiw, I generally am free of gluten, dairy, and sugar, and have been for about ~3.5 years. I'm a serious fan of JERF, and have list a total of about 75 pounds. But I splurged with sugar in December and I'm still trying to kick the habit. (Plus, I regained a small amount of that 75. In fact, I'm struggling with maintenance.)

      It's startling to realize how seriously that stuff impacts our health. So I'm starting small: I'm committing to just two weeks sugar free (including natural sugars) to kick my cravings and reset my palate. After that, I'll reintroduce natural sugars like fruit (for me, fruit is an important part of my diet, but it's generally my primary source of sugar).

      Those of you who JERF and avoid sugars, does this sound reasonable?

    • First in car lesson of drivers ed for me. Then gonna work on my lab for chemistry. Hopefully get a back and triceps workout in. GO TO BED BY 9:30!!

    • Oh Sunny, no need to apologize at all!! I wasn't trying to make you feel bad in any way. I was merely trying to suggest that self-acceptance/love & self-improvement don't have to be mutually exclusive ideals.

      I see people posting all the time that they are "disgusted" with themselves, or referring to themselves as "fatties". I always respond the same, be kind to yourself. Including your former self. There are definitely times that I'm not thrilled with how I look, but I've never hated myself (I'm not saying you ever did, just the impression I get around the boards in general). Maybe that makes me a minority?

      You're definitely right, we are each our own worst critic! I know you'd never be as hard on anyone else as you are on yourself. I'm just sayin, don't be so hard on yourself! You're one great lady & always have been, regardless of your size.