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I'm on day 10 of 20 of my step down, but I'm starting to feel like I need to just be done. I almost feel like the anxiety of knowing my quit date is coming is worse than it just being here. What are your thoughts? I'm asking everyone whether you stepped down or just went cold turkey. Also, on a side note, my boyfriend only smokes when he drinks. He's 100% supportive of me quitting but keeps asking me if it's rude for him to still smoke when I'm trying to quit. I keep saying no because I'm the one trying to change and he shouldn't have to unless he wants to. I don't want to force him to stop something he doesn't want to stop. Thoughts on that too?

    • I believe it's really hard if the person next to you is not in this journey with you. I'm sure he has the greatest intentions but for him to be smoking by your side it's just going to become unbearable for you. Maybe ask him in the first weeks to not smoke next to you or to not tell you he is going to smoke ?
      Again this is me just talking from a personal opinion and experience.

    • In the past, I tried cutting down on several occasions but they were always failures. I always ended up being focused on when I could have my next cigarette. The cigarettes that I was allowed each day became my sole focus. It was absolute misery. I always gave up.

      I quit cold turkey more than a year ago after reading Allen Carr's book "Easy Way to Stop Smoking". You can find a free pdf of it on the internet, google it. I suggest you read the book and quit cold turkey because that is what worked for me.

      In addition, my wife smokes and seems to have no interest in quitting. It does not bother me. We never smoked in the house so that is not a problem. We have a deal, there is no smoking in my truck and she is allowed to smoke in her car. I never pressure her to quit, that will happen when she decides to quit.

    • I agree, he should quit when he wants to but in mg opinion he doesn't have to smoke around you.

      I tried cutting down. It didn't work. Cold turkey worked better for me.

    • Dive right in. No point in warming up to it - just makes every damn cig feel more precious hence you'd long for it and get back to the habit. I say go for it!

    • Amy, I get cold chills on some posts. I love your take on your quit vs his quit. It has to be his decision, clearly you've made yours. Trust me, eventually he'll follow. It took my husband 290 days but he did it. On his own, kinda. His insurance went up $100. A month. So that helped him decide. Lol.

      As far as the cold turkey quit, my opinion, it's the only way to go.

      Amy, you're doing great!! Just keep hanging out with us!!!

    • Hi there, i have had numerous attempts both ways. Here's the deal, if you think you should just go for it, then do what you think is best for you.....go with your gut, no sense in waiting if you're readysmile and we are all here to support you!

    • The funny thing about quitting is everyone is different. I did what u r doing. I started chantix on dec 7 and knew Jan 7 I was done. Day 5 of my quit and going great so far!! By week 4 I was done but had 1 a day because I could. Now it's not an option for me! My wife also smokes on occasion but not around me. I don't let it bother me though. I just think to myself what an idiot she is lol

    • If you feel like today is the day to stop smoking then do it. I am on the cut down and what I try to do is go as long as I can without one. I also try to only let myself get to half my budget, so yesterday I had 5/10. By doing this I don't feel like I have failed in my quit, I know the date is coming but I am working towards it.
      Keep coming on here and talking it out with everyone. As for your boyfriend you can't make someone do something they don't want to do. He will give up when he is ready. It would probably be easier if you did it together as you can support each other. My husband is still smoking with no indication that he will quit, I find this the hardest as the temptation is always there. It's not like I see people say just throw them out as they aren't mine to throw out. The other thing I hate is when he asks me to get him some on the way home Greer
      But we can do this

    • Snew1 - u r much nicer then me! I would never do that for my wife and I love her to death!!!! Maybe I would after my 10 yr quit anniversary! Still that's ballsy!!

    • If you're feeling like you need to be done, it's probably time to just be done. smile

      As far as your boyfriend is concerned, I would leave it up to him whether he wants to quit or not. It is fair, however, to ask him to not smoke in front of you. My other piece of advice is that you ask him to hide his cigs from you. I almost slipped last night because I knew my husband had a pack, but he had hidden them, and it kept me from slipping.

    • My turn. This is my 3rd and last serious quit . Tried it all. But this time CT ... seems like 3 is charm or CT. or both. I also read the Easy Way to Quit by Alan Carr. And that made a big difference.
      On the sig other / spouse thing. Well again I am in the same boat and does not feel like a luxury cruise !!! My husband told me he was quitting numerous times and especially this time. But he got caught. Felt very betrayed as it was supposed to be a commitment for each other. I'm over it and just gonna focus on me me me !!!!
      But if he wanted me to pick up a pack? Sorry Charlie. No way. I'm only on day 11 and as strong as I feel I'm not gonna put myself in that kind of situation.