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Disordered Eating

Is anyone else using this app to help recover from an ED? I was bulimic for two years, I haven't purged since last spring but my eating habits are still very unhealthy (though they have improved a great deal since I began tracking my meals and such).

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      Jan 13 at 03:08 AM

      Are you working with a recovery team?

    • Yes, please talk to your recovery team.

    • I'm using this to help me stay within the calories my recovery team wants me to stay within. I'm fighting bulimia with anorexic tendencies. I just turned 27 and I first started having problems when I was about 12. So it's been 15 years for me. My biggest issue is to stop eatting 3-4 times what I'm supposed to eat every day and then skipping any food for several days to make up for the excess intake of food. My recovery team actually recommended me to use a calorie counting app to help me learn how to eat the right amount of food and to encourage me to eat healthier foods.

    • I fought with bulimia for about the same as Kiwi. While I do recommend highly working with your supports, learning more about nutrition and potentially using DBT techniques to understand binge urges, I would warn you to be cautious in using any calorie-counting apps and websites, even this one. For me at least, it took a long time to not look at my daily calorie intake and obsess about it all day. It can potentially cause more disordered thinking.

      But! If you're working with your team and you keep them up to date on the daily about what's up and they're recommending this site, then stick with it. If you feel like it's becoming something of an obsession, I would uninstall any counters or trackers you have and tell your team. Doesn't mean you can't come back to it later when you're feeling better, of course.

      Eating Disorders are just horrendous on every account, and recovery is a long road. I wish you the very best and remember that you are not alone.

    • I'm fighting bulimia. always struggle but have good days and bad. I avoid eating to avoid binging

    • as the previous post states I continuously check the calories and if over or coming close I really struggle

    • The hardest part of an eating disorder is asking for and then actually accepting help. I could go on at length here to explain my reasoning for this, but suffice it to say my experience of eating disorders is much the same as addiction. It becomes your life, and it becomes your idea of control. If even thinking about asking for help or telling someone what you've been thinking about on this matter makes you feel angry, or scared, or if your mind won't even entertain those thoughts, it's time to get help.

      If you can't contact anyone through your family, friends, healthcare provider or or insurance company, you can contact the National Eating Disorder Hotline @ 800-931-2237. If you need to text in for a crisis to connect you with a trained volunteer, text @ 741741.

    • *text "NEDA" to 741741