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Stopping Dieting for Period

Ok so everytime I get my period, I get mad cravings. I want to eat everything in the fridge but, I want to lose weight and feel better about myself. Being on my period prevents me to do that causing me to eat more sweets (which I'm trying to give up) and feel insecure. Anyone have any advice?

    • I'm a girl too. I understand that we get cravings for things like that. It's completely normal, but honestly take some midol and it helps fatigues and all that. But one thing I did was try to stay outside and walk and talk with friends. Play sports even. Another thing is, try to go to the store and get some protein cereal or even milk to stop your cravings. Kashi or even Kellogg's will help keep you full. Then try going to the fridge and get some fruit or even get a banana! But still, I love eating sweets on my period (I'm irregular though. It's not always on time {sometimes 2 months late}) But I try to stay away from binge eating and stay away from doing non-activities because to me I hate sitting down and when I do, I tend to do the same thing.

      Hope that helped a little bit... -KATS

    • Even the strictest doctors suggest dark chocolate and lightening up dieting for PMS.

    • Fresh fruit can curve the sweets cravings: craving chocolate ice cream? Frozen bananas, almond milk, and cocoa powder blend. viola chocolate milkshake. smile