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Just after 10 1/2 weeks if starting my journey on a whole foods-plant based life, I have lost 27lbs & my husband has lost 30lbs!!!


My husband does not count calories or keep track of what he eats, but I do using this app. I do so to make sure I have a rough estimate of how many calories I eat to show that no matter how many calories I consume, it is the quality of food & nutrients that matters.

On July 25th I watched "What the Health" & "Forks Over Knives". I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, hypertension & high cholesterol the dry next day. On July 27th I started my first full day living the WFPBNO life & immediately started to regain my health.

Soon after I started reading "The Starch Solution" by John McDougall M.D. & "Dr. Neal Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes" by Dr. Neal Barnard. So, I focused my diet around the principles of the Starch Solution which is roughly 70% Starch, 20% vegetables & 10% fruit.

I DO NOT LIVE A LIFE OF DEPRIVATION! I am constantly eating & I always feel satisfied. You will not go hungry on this life style.

There is no need to calorie count as long as you do not use oil in your cooking & do not consume refined sugars & flours, as long as you stick to whole foods!

The aim is to consume whole grain foods & whole grain flours if you do consume anything made of flour.

Here are roughly my macros:

* 20-25 grams of fat

* 300-350 grams of carbs

* 35-80 grams of protein



    • Congrats, and I hope you're taking b 12 supplements. Btw, "what the health" is bs, but I don't know about the other film because I haven't watched it. The thought of consuming only 20-25 grams of fat a day is very sad to me. I'm glad if this lifestyle works for you, but it takes a lot of planning and a lot of research in order to be healthy. You also don't need to cut out animal products for weight loss. I also don't see how consuming so many carbohydrates helps reverse diabetes. Seems pretty counterproductive.

      Again, I'm not here to criticize your choices. I'm simply pointing out that going vegan should be for environmental or ethical reasons, not health reasons, because you can be healthy or unhealthy no matter what lifestyle you choose.

    • Is this an advertisement? Seems like an advertisement.

    • I was so happy reading your progress, but I had to roll my eyes when I saw What The Health.

      Congrats on you and your husbands progress and regaining your health!!

    • Congrats to both you and your husband, good for you both finding what works for your weight loss!

    • Congratulations to you and your husband

    • To reverse diabetes, Type II, you must loose weight by cutting. She has to cut out the fat. You can still have carbs, from vegetables, whole grains, etc. Refined carbs, flour, pastries, refined sugar, is the killer.

      Keep up good work.

    • NOPE, not an advertisement. You don't all have to believe what the film "What the Health" is preaching. I'm not really identifying as a "vegan" I prefer Whole Food-Plant Based.

      I've done tons of follow up research before I delved into the life style. So, I went in with my eyes open.

      None of you have to believe me. Even my doctor was skeptical, but just like most doctors she has no real training into nutrition. Doctors in America are trained to diagnose diseases & treat the symptoms.

      I didn't want to live the rest of my life managing my illnesses. I told my doctor to trust me. She suggested a diet of high protein, moderate fat & low carb, 65 grams of carbs in total per day.

      She was shocked at my last doctors appt. Om that day she said I lost 22 lbs or 10kg, my blood pressure was lower & my fasting blood sugar was 200pts lower than she estimated I was at before my diagnosis.

      This life style isn't b.s. If you read the science behind it, you'll see.

    • Momtogoats, thank you! I appreciate the kind words!!!

    • Casabonita, I don't think you'd roll your eyes if you watched the other film, Forks Over Knives. It has the doctors from "What the Health" in it as well, but they have more supporting evidence in it. I researched the doctors in both films & the science behind living the life style I'm living & it's undeniable. The propaganda sold to us is really amazing. Even the most intelligent people will say the research is wrong, even with evidence, because they've all been brain washed. I was a part of that population.

      I don't call myself vegan because I'm not motivated primarily by helping animals, I'm more interested in healing & helping myself. It is a nice byproduct that I too, will also be saving animals & helping the environment by living this life.

      I will continue to post my progress so people will know this is a real person, not an advertisement or robot, living, progressing & reversing my illnesses.

    • Songoftgeriver3, thank you!

      I can understand why you think I don't need to cut out animal products, it's a personal choice after all my research.

      And I too thought, "How can eating more carbs help me reverse diabetes?". I read about it. I read the science behind it. Diabetes isn't about carbs & sugar. We are sold the narrative that it is what causes diabetes and it is not. We measure blood glucose / blood sugar to determine how well or not well our bodies process the sugar. Insulin needs to match up with each sugar & it can't do that with either bad insulin production or a non functioning, fatty liver & kidneys. If you eat carbs, you fuel your body with glycogen, which we need to feel full & have energy. When you do not eat carbs, you force your body to eat your muscles & fat.

      By eating carbs, even in excess amounts, as long as they are whole foods, your body gets the nutrients & energy you need & any extra us released in the form of body hear so it can burn the excess.

      I'm not as good at explaining this, as I am not a doctor or nutritionist (yet), and I am sure I probably messed up in the explanation, you can do the research yourself as well & see.

      There is absolutely no coincidence why many people are converting to this life style daily & why many investors are investing MILLIONS of dollars into companies that cater to this life style, even though it is largely still unpopular to the masses.

    • Ex- I REALLY am happy for you! It sounds like you found something that works for you! smile

      I was DX as a pre-diabetic at the end of March. By the end of July, my levels were normal. My bad cholesterol went down and my good cholesterol went up. I am also off of two medications that I had been taking for far too long. One for HBP and one for arthritis condition. As of a few weeks ago, I have lost 40 lbs. I still want to lose 40 more.

      I did all of this on a LCHF (low carb , high fat) and JERF diet. I love this way of eating and it works for me. Just wanted to throw out there that there is more than one way to reverse diabetes.

      Also, lowering my carb and sugar intake(even from fruits) has made a huge difference in my inflammation level. My SED rate was normal, for the first time in years, at my last rheumatology appmt. I have had Psoriatic Arthritis for 20 years. I wish I would have done this years ago. I wouldn't have had to suffer so much with chronic pain.

      Oh, and I agree with you, doctors do not know enough about nutrition! It's very sad!

    • Freetobe87, that's awesome! Congrats on your success.

      I too have a bit more weight to lose. I'm giving myself 1 year to lose 100 lbs.

      Yes, there are several ways to achieve our weight loss & health goals.

      For myself & at this time in my life, this is what is working the fastest & best for myself & my husband.

      In 2012 I started on another weight loss journey & lost 70-80lbs with diet & exercise. I eliminated all junk food out of my life, ate more whole foods, tons of greens & some lean meat. I was working out 2-3hrs a day. In less than 6 weeks I had lost 40lbs! The next 30-40 lbs took another 4-5 months. I felt & looked amazing, but there was no way I could sustain a life that required 15-18hrs of working out a week. I was so sleep deprived! I'm not a paid athlete. So, of course when I started to go back to living a "normal" life the weight crept on, even when I ate "healthy" & exercised regularly. It was depressing!

      This whole foods-plant based life is the most sustainable for my husband & I. He is a marathoner & he gained weight end of last year & the beginning of this year because we both had high stress jobs & we're planning for our wedding. He said he feels this life style is the best for his weight, fitness & athletic goals.

      He did the low carb & high protein diet while training & it took longer to recover on that diet. On this diet recovery time is so much faster.

      I think my body just loves this way of life & I am less irritable. I NEED & LOVE CARBS!!! It also doesn't hurt that I can cook & modify recipes to for my WFPBNO (whole foods-plant based-no oil) life style & eat a lot of food.

      My purpose for posting my progress is to possibly present a new idea to someone who hasn't heard it before. Before the two films, "What the Health" & "Forks Over Knives" I never knew that this way of life can aide with weight loss while reversing illnesses & no need to calorie count... THAT IS A WINNING COMBINATION FOR ME!!!

    • Great job so far.

      Have you looked at a reputable source like If you want to reverse your type 2, you have to reduce carbs.

      Also, fat helps your hormones operated correctly. You are definitely not eating enough fat. Healthy fats don't make you fat, Carbs do.

      What the Health is scare tactic documentary and is not based on peer reviewed scientific study. The Starch Solution isn't much better, TBH.

      Being vegan can be a great way to live. Just do some legitimate research on veganism, andtype 2.

    • Dude congrats! I wish people would stop questioning ways of eating that aren't theirs. Way to go! smile

    • We don't question healthy ways of eating. We question BS documentaries.

    • It's almost as though any whole foods diet can help you lose weight and reverse disease. which one is better As far as thriving in the long term? Jury is out.

      The problem with food documentaries is they are all selling something. Product or ideology. There's always a motive besides educating people. That's why the research presented is always so bias.

      As far as the carb question. It's often said all carbs are sugar, but really all carbs are glucose. Sugar in the form of table sugar is fructose and glucose. It's the fructose that can't be processed in the liver. So there it sits causing metabolic disease. Excess glucose causes this as well, but the reversing of metabolic disease on a high carb plant based diet is something I don't know about.

      Also regarding your husband and his sport, has he looked into the keto diet in endurance sports? Dave Scott, 6 time iron man champion has stated if he had known about it when he raced all of his times would have been better. Again bit espousing here. On the flip side you have people like ultrarunning championScott jurek that achieved phenomenal success as a vegan.

      There's more than one way, but with everything that is required as far as supplementation on a plant based diet you can't help but wonder which one we really thrive under as a species.

    • ^^ I totally agree with Johnsonkg. And I never said "whole foods plant based" was bs, (because it is not) but I did say "What the Health" was bs (because it is). Again, congratulations on your progress and I'm glad you're getting healthier. Best wishes for the future.

    • I really recommend reading The Starch Solution & watching "Forks Over Knives" to get a good understanding of the science behind it. Although you may believe "What the Health" is a scare tactic, I actually researched the the doctors in the film, their research & science behind it, the WFPBNO/Vegan life style & Starch based diets, and it is legit.

      Please read the entire thread so you can understand why I'm doing this life style.


      There are tons of vegan athletes doing well. One that is local to my husband & I is Rich Roll, who is a tri-athlete & has done the Iron man a few times. There are several professional athletes being added to the list of plant based athletes daily because many are finding success with it & again, shorter recovery times.