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Nov 10 at 07:22 PM

Livestrong's December 2017 Before & After!

Winter is upon us, some of us will be playing in the snow, others playing on the beach Wherever you are working your healthy journey in snow or on sand, we want to hear about it! We would love to hear your story! Would you like to WIN $$$ for your story?

Enter LIVESTRONG.COM's December 2017 "Before & After" contest for a chance to win a $250 VISA gift card. Some of the things we would love to hear about your transformation include how much weight you lost, some of the fitness and nutritional changes you made, obstacles you overcame, what you are most proud of looking back - we really want to know what inspired you to make this transformation!

To enter, please reply to this post and tell us about your journey. Your entry doesn't have to be long, five to ten sentences is plenty! And, of course, include both your "Before and After" photographs in your post.

Make December your Before & After month. PRIZE One male and one female winner will be chosen, each winning a $250 VISA card! The contest ends Sunday , December 31, 2017 at 11:59pm Pacific Time. For more details and official rules please visit:

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      Dec 01 at 09:28 AM

      It's the final month of 2017! Did you make a New Year's resolution last year to get fit?? Share your transformation stories here!

    • When/where do you announce the winners?

    • Is there where we should be posting our stories?

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      Dec 04 at 01:09 PM

      Hi hilarycandy! We contact the winners via the email address associated with their LIVESTRONG.COM account each month.

      Organichaus- yes please share your photos and stories on this thread for the month of December!

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      Dec 08 at 10:11 AM

      Cannot believe we're already through the first week of December! Who is ready to share their story??

    • Hello, I have lost 200 pounds in this year. I have done it by cutting back on carbs. I began walking. The picture on the left was me at 595 pounds. The picture on the right is me at 393 pounds. The 393 pound picture was taken on November 11, 2017. Since November 11, I have begun lifting weights and doing cardio. Let me know if you want those pictures as well.

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      Dec 13 at 10:28 AM

      Wow!!! Thank you for sharing your incredible transformation with us BigTexan!

      We're already halfway through December! Who else is ready to share?

    • @BigTexan5606

      Great job.

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      Dec 13 at 07:35 PM

      awesome job, Tex!

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      Dec 13 at 08:08 PM

      organichaus - this is the place - share your story.

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      Dec 14 at 02:19 AM

      Great job!

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      Dec 15 at 01:25 PM


    • At 23 years old I was involved in a horrific car accident it broke both of my ankles, one of them having to be completely reconstructed (I almost lost that leg). I was diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis in them from the wreck making it painful some days for me to walk. I became depressed and started to eat my feelings which caused my ankles to hurt even worse due to the added weight. But I continued to eat. This went on for 5 years. When I went for a routine physical, the doctor said I was pre-diabetic. That was IT! A co-worker had mentioned the keto diet to me so I hopped on the bandwagon. It was a struggle at first, I won't even lie, potatoes are my favorite. But I started seeing results within 2 weeks and that was without exercise. I started keto March of this year. At my heaviest I weighed 203 pounds and wore a size 16. I'm now 137 and in a size 4. I've never been this small in my life! My ankles don't bother me the way they did and I'm nowhere near diabetes! I have to watch the types of exercise I do because of my injury, but this showed me that I don't have to ever give up, that there's always a way. So, I plan this year to start weight training! The sky is the limit!

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      Dec 18 at 03:23 PM

      Wow lizzybeth! Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Hello everyone! My name is Lily Holmes and in total I have lost 46 pounds. I am currently 200 pounds! At the beginning of 2017 I made the choice to lose weight because I was tired of buying bigger! I've always been the bigger girl and I was tired of being depressed because of my appearance. In the beginning of the year I changed the way I ate. So I prepped my lunch and dinners and ate the normal healthy meals like baked chicken/fish with brown rice and veggies. I started walking at least 2-3 times a week. I try to do some at home exercises like crunches, jumping rope, dancing around the house for 30ish minutes. I had to start small because otherwise I would've failed like the 50 million times I've tried to lose weight. I stopped snacking and going to fast food restaurants. Then in July, I stopped eating meat! So I try to stick to a plant based diet but I eat seafood on occasions. My biggest obstacle would be not eating sweets. I used to eat sweets EVERYDAY!!!! From snickers to honey buns to Oreo cookies. I have 3 boys, so it's very hard to not have sweets in the house. I am most proud of my overall weight loss journey. I have learned to love myself and all of my rolls (I have none now). I have learned so much about myself and I'm really proud to have stuck with my journey for this long. I do not use the word DIET. I try not to give myself a lot of restrictions, and if I slip and accidently eat a few cookies I'm not hard on myself.

    • From teenage to now, I've been through a lot of obstacles and now my obstacle is conquering weight loss and I am determined to gain my health back. I am 35, and a mother of two. My whole life I have struggled with my weight. When I was pregnant with my second child I was 308 lbs. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, gestational diabetes and severe preeclampsia. My weight at delivery was 332lbs, the heaviest I had ever been. A year ago I weighed 296 lbs, having high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. Nov.2016 was diagnosed with sleep apnea and was told if I lost weight I would be retested and possibly not have it. That stuck with me, knowing I had to make a change, I worked out 30 minutes a day. Felt great but no significant weight loss at all. Aug. 2017 I went to the doctor for blood work. Weighed in at 293 lbs my A1c was at 6.8. I put my foot down and got serious. Started searching for free workouts on Google and is what I found smile.

    • Since Aug 28,2017 when I joined LS, I have lost 40lbs.
      I have lowered my A1c to 6.1
      I am more positive, and physically stronger.
      I have self confidence and I am no longer self conscious.
      Eating real food, lowering carb consumption, doing the stronger workouts, joining in conversation with the community has been a big part of this loss.
      Counting calories has made me accountable and making sure I get all my macronutrients is a bonus. Thanks LS!

    • sorry for double post, there was a word or the number of words that wouldn't allow me to post

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      Dec 23 at 08:30 PM

      Great work ladies!

    • I just love reading these stories every month. Every single one of you is a winner in my opinion. Congratulations on your success! You are all an inspiration.