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Anyone Vegan?

I really want to go vegan not just for the health aspect of it but because I can't sleep at night knowing how cruel the livestock industry is. Is anyone vegan and could give me tips on being vegan in a non vegan household?

    • Unless you have A job and can buy your own food, it's going to be hard. Veganism is a tough eating plan to follow. It is very easy to be unhealthy as a vegan.

      I would suggest you look at being vegetarian instead.

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      Jun 01 at 03:14 AM


    • I became vegan in Feb. It is not difficult with all the resources available on the internet and elsewhere. I am feeling better and am healthier than I have ever been in my life. I would suggest following your heart/gut if this is something you wish to try. Good luck!

    • there are support groups on facebook that are really helpful to new vegans. I went vegan for the animals too and my advice it to learn how to cook if you dont know already. There's a cook book you can google called " Eat like you give a f***" that has some great recipes.

      My easy goto is salad with a hot component like quinoa with tomatoes and peaches or another fruit. I don't do salad dressing either a flavored olive oil or lemon juice and oil and a little pepper.

      I also bake firm tofu into strips and add it to anything I eat. put it on toast with a nut butter or with avocado. store bought tabouli and hummus is always in my house. I heat up my tofu and toss them all together.

      being a fat vegan is so easy because we nailed our junk food (vegan ice cream is always on my mind lol).

      I'd be happy to help if you have any specific questions

    • I agree with johnsonkg I'm a vegetarian and I like it a lot! ( I'm not sure how hard it is to change your diet to vegetarian though because I've almost never ate meat)

    • My sister is vegan, while no one else in our house is. She seems to get on fine, just making most of her food herself. However, the first few months was pretty hard for her I think.

    • My dad is a vegan in a non-vegan household. Most of the time time we can make a separate side of food and alter the ingredients. For example, when ever we have homemade mashed potatoes we set some boiled potatoes aside and he puts in his own soy/almond milk and uses his own "butter". Sometimes instead of almond milk he uses his Just Mayo vegan mayonnaise. Sometimes we find vegan recipes online that everyone would like. If we have a main dish that is meat he can find a vegan version of it or just it the sides that have been prepared.