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Questionable Calorie Count

I use the scan function mostly to enter my calories. Otherwise, I weigh my food and am meticulous about entering the correct calorie and nutrition counts. However, today is the first day that I met my daily calorie intake of 1000 calories. In fact, I was 23 calories over. yay! I even made it to 86% of the amount of protein I should be eating by eating a soup with beef.

But, I feel like I had to eat so much that I was uncomfortably full. Is it possible that the counter is off and I am eating more calories than I think?

    • jdm_taco has a Gold Membership
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      Jun 08 at 03:42 AM

      Good morning!

      What is your age, height, and weight?

      1000 is simply too low and unhealthy. When you enter your stats, what did it give you as a calorie goal?

    • My immunologist approved the 1000 calorie intake because I am 42, 5'1" and currently am down from 360 to 210. I gained the weight (230 pounds) in 7 months as a result of steroid based medication. I still need to lose 70-90 pounds. My health is very monitored and I need to lose the weight STAT because I have a rare disease, Ehlers Danlos syndrome, which results in very common joint dislocations and I have ankylosing spondylitis and musculoskeletal pain syndrome among a few other things and extra weight and a sugary diet are way detrimental to my overall health.

      Regardless, my lead doctor would really like to see me eating 1000 calories a day. Now, she knows that the fact of having Celiac's disease makes it harder to absorb all of the nutrients in my food and it also makes eating more of a necessity than a fun task like some folks.

      But, I am trying to eat calorie, nutrient high foods.

      Any advice is appreciated!

    • weirdly enough, when I put my stats into the app at first, it didn't suggest a calorie intake.

    • jdm_taco has a Gold Membership
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      Jun 08 at 04:56 PM

      1000 calories should be very easy to get. Do you use a food scale to help track food?

      The following items will help with increasing calories ..

      Add oil when cooking

    • I am more of a vegetarian, but I will eat small amounts of meat in soup and, like, turkey sandwiches.

    • I bumped my post for you in Health. It takes a bit to get used to but definitely eat lots of super calorie dense foods. Also I suggest you look into a therapeutic ketogenic diet for your inflammation. It's been an absolute lifesaver to me. It will also help you lose weight pretty quickly without wrecking your metabolism.

    • thanks so much! I will totally look into a therapeutic keto diet!