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Waiting for word that my sister has died

My sister is in the hospital on oxygen and morphine. Her heart is not pumping enough blood to her organs. Her liver and kidneys are not working. She is weak and unable to communicate. At any time, I am expecting a phone call that she has passed away. She is only 65 years old.

The road that led her here was alcohol abuse. She retired at 50, and spent much of her days sitting, reading. A glass of whiskey was always at her side. Maybe she didn't fit the classic profile of an alcoholic; but she slowly and surely destroyed her liver. There were medical warnings, but she didn't quit until it was too late. My sister took responsibility for her decisions - but that doesn't change the outcome.

I'm posting this not for sympathy. If this makes one person reconsider the road they are on, it will be worth it. You may think it can't happen to you...I am quite sure my sister thought the same. It's a miserable way to go. I will miss her terribly.