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food pushing

Does anyone else have people trying to push processed/fast food or sweets on you? I feel like eating right is such a taboo. Like... to my family, friends and coworkers I'm depriving myself by eating clean and counting calories. Dare I weigh something, all of a sudden I'm sick or crazy. Dare I eat lunch where visible, or someone leers at it and says, "That looks, uh, HEALTHY." Dare I say no to a second slice of cake at someone's birthday, then it's, "oh, live a little, you don't need to diet." Dare I see extended family for the first time in years because I need to, "eat a cheeseburger." But then they ask how I lost weight? I tell them my routine and they go, "oh my god, you STILL work out? You're already in shape!" 1.) My BMI disagrees with you and 2.) WHY DID YOU ASK ME THEN? It's so weird. This has been going on for yeeeaaars.

Maybe I'm surrounded by aholes, but it just seems like such a widespread thing. I've talked to some folks at the gym and they've had similar experiences, so I thought I'd ask y'all the same question. Thoughts, experiences? Or have people been supportive overall?

    • There is a fine line between being healthy and being obsessive . I'm not saying you're crossed that line, just making a comment.

      Having said that, I'm in charge of my health and I don't explain anything to anybody. Quite frankly it's none of their business.

    • People often feel judged when others make choices to eat healthy or exercise and they react in that way. Try to separate their actions and words from your self esteem. You know eating right and exercising is best, you don't need their approval or support! It might be nice if they were supportive, but you're doing this for you.

    • CK, So insecurity brought on by self reflection from seeing my own diet, huh. I never thought of it that way because I usually pay no mind to what others are eating. That makes some sense.

      Patty, I think we're experiencing some of the same things, lol. I've adjusted what I eat so the portions look larger but the nutrition values stay similar, that usually cuts out the judgment. I'm glad you have a support system in your SO smile

      John, I get what you mean. It may be my location, but healthy eating seems far from normalized. So maybe what normal mindfulness of persons diet is can be skewed and viewed as obsession.

    • It's the people, sadly... I had a similar experience a few years ago with a group of so called 'friends' (luckily I am not in touch any longer)

      Whenever we had lunch together I went through a round of similar comments and eventually came to the conclusion that they were just jealous, of the healthy choices I was making and the results I was getting... They would love to see you fail

      The people I usually have lunch with right now were a bit skeptical of my eating habits at first, but politely asked a few questions and after some time started to congratulate me and praise the effort I was doing. They are really supportive, and openly admit that in comparison that are not making the healthiest of choices but that's fine, they don't want to change the way they eat and they don't feel 'guilted' into making some changes.

      They deserve a round off applause, I'm trying to be more like that (in others aspects of my life)

    • Yup. I had someone say to me yesterday, happy Halloween, here's your lettuce.

    • How mean-spirited. No wonder being overweight is so widespread frown

    • The entire country is fat phobic but constantly belittles people living healthy wholesome lifestyles - DREADFUL! People are awful sometimes

    • I'm 15, one of my Best Friends is overweight and wants to do something about it but her parents don't think it matters. So there's nothing she can do about it since she doesn't buy her own food. She loves to cook but her mom doesn't let her.

      She tells me that her parents, HER PARENTS, are saying "You don't need to diet" and "Just eat the stinkin food, it's not that big of a deal" It's so hard when the people who control your life don't support you.