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Hello! It's so hard to break bad eating habits, especially when eating out! I know I can't have certain food in the house... I call trigger foods. I crave carbs all the time! I don't deprive myself on any food group. What can help the carb cravings.

    • Protein, water, and maybe ck in with yourself to see if you're really hungry or if something else is bugging/triggering you.?

    • May I suggest you give Whole 30 a try. It eliminates all your trigger foods and drinks. It helps you figure out what foods and drinks your sensitive to and helps you find the freedom to choose to have those in your life or not. It's only 30 days and is NOT a diet, but an incredible journey to explore and change your relationship with food and drink.
      Start by reading "It starts with Food" by Melissa Hartwig.
      For me it's been life changing...