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please give tips on how to loose weight ?

Hello, i could really use some help. I am 15 years old and weight 57kg and i am 1.63 m tall. i would like to loose weight so that i can build it into muscle but i am struggling. i am drink 1.5 - 3 litres of water a day to help with being hungry but once i see food i can't stop eating.

    • Hi.

      You don't need to lose weight. You are hungry because you are not eating enough. Water is not a substitute for food, EVER.

      You can't "loose weight so that you can build it into muscle". Fat and muscle are 2 different things.

      What you can do is eliminate processed foods, junk and added sugars from your diet, get 60 mins of physical activity every day including some strength training--either bodyweight or at the gym.

      There are 4-5 posts in the health and nutrition thread. Read those, discuss them with your parents and come up with a plan.