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Tips for growing hair out

I'm trying to grow my hair out and I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to make hair grow fast. I'm assuming it's genetic but I wanted to ask. I've thought about getting biotin supplements and I did use to take them but I don't know if they help. Is the best thing to just eat healthy or is there something to help????

thank you!

    • Tea tree oil helps my hair grow out. I use a tea tree conditioner and mix it in with my shampoo to make sure it gets on my scalp. I also heard that rice water helps with hair growth, though I haven't tried that one myself.

    • My hair used to grow SO SLOW then I started taking a women's multivitamin (nature made for women) and my hair has been growing like crazy and not breaking as much! It's definitely not an overnight thing but after about three months I really noticed how much it had grown!

    • i've never cut my hair so i have no advice lol \_ㅇ_/

    • You should eat healthy and take women's vitamins. I wash my hair with tea tree conditioner which you can find at Walmart. Ever since I have started doing these things personally, I have had my hair grow pretty fast. I even have to cut my bangs every 2 weeks, I used to have to cut my bangs every 6 weeks.

    • i can guarantee you that castor oil applied to your roots and massaged in, left for a couple hours (without any foils etc.) is going to work like magic. it is inexpensive and safe to use around the eyes too(for eyelashes or eyebrows).
      just be careful not to apply it somewhere where you don't want to have extra hair lol
      it helped me so much when i was sick and lost hair. ?