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Sore Body From Long Run

I am pretty disappointed that I changed my long run Monday routine. I only run 5.50 miles. What happened is, every time I run 12 or more miles I end up resting for two or more days because I am always sore.

Just curious, do you guys get sore from long runs? Do you have secret remedy to recover from soreness??
Thank you!

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      Dec 05 at 03:10 AM

      Good morning!

      People will recover at different rates. 12 miles is a long way and a couple days recovery sounds quite reasonable. What are your goals?

      Do you follow a training plan?

    • That depends on what your body is conditioned for. I don't get sore after 12 miles now because I do the distance so often for many years. I have trained my body consistently over time. If you can't run two days after a long run it's a sign you are doing too much too fast and you may end up with overuse injury. It's good you rest after to recover. You should be able to go out next day and do a slow pace 1-2 miles after your long run. This will help with lactic acid build up as well. If you cannot do that then it's a sign to cut back to maybe 8-9 for long run and stay there for another month or so. Add about 10%/week to your total miles and slowly progress to 12 miles. If I remember correctly you are newish to running so train properly and give your body time to adjust. Just because you can force yourself to do it doesn't mean you have properly trained for the distance.

    • @Taco, no I don't train for anything. I started running 12 miles and decided to add a mile a week.
      @zero, I've been running for three years but I slowed down when I got pregnant and give birth but my baby is now 18 months. Yes, I can run slow 3-4 miles next day after my long run but I'd rather run long miles and fast. By the way, my speed for 12 miles is usually 6.5 and sometimes 8-9 for a minute or so.

    • Did you only run 5.5 because you were tired or too sore? Even if you have been running a long time taking time off for baby or injury sets you back so you need to listen to your body. If you are taking two days off after a long run and experiencing pronounced soreness and cutting runs short those are very strong indicators that you are overtraining and doing too much too fast. You either have too much distance too soon or you have a pacing problem and need to slow down a bit. Most of your miles should be done at an easy or moderate pace to prevent injury. Even the pros do this. Pain is your body's way of forcing you to slow down or stop. If you don't slow down a bit and allow recovery you get an injury. That will stop your training and then you start all over again. This becomes more and more true the older you get and the less rested you get. One tip that might help you is when I train for my long races I progress slowly and I don't add to distance every week. I add distance one week then the next week I drop my long run down to an easier distance. Still challenging but not causing too much soreness. Then week three I add again. So for you it would look like:
      Wk 1- 12 miles
      Wk 2- 8 miles
      Wk 3- 13 miles
      Wk 4- 9 miles
      OR add distance each week for three weeks then fourth week you cut it in half. This allows for recovery.
      Wk 1- 11 miles
      Wk 2- 12 miles
      Wk 3- 13 miles
      Wk 4- 6 miles

    • 80/20 rule for all miles. 80% easy 20% hard, it sounds like you aren't taking your easy days easy and your hard days hard. It's a recipe for over use injury and soreness that isn't meant to be there. Even taking a couple weeks off will set you back when it comes to running because that's the requirement is for it. Consistency, it's like use it or lose it. If 12 miles is putting you out for a few days then you truly aren't running it slow enough or easy enough and that isn't the adaptation you're looking for. I'd do an honest race at 100% effort or run your fastest possible mile and use that in a calculator to figure out your paces, and go exactly by those. If you do, you'll see improvement but trying to go fast all the time isn't helping you sadly. Remember running long distance is an aerobic sport, and you build that up with aerobic, slower training not so much your anaerobic fast running.

      You should always be able to run a bit slow the next morning, easy pace, or even slower at recovery pace if it really thrashed you. But, it honesty just sounds like you're going too hard and it's hurting

    • Examples would be like mo, elucid, those guys are world class marathoners but only until their coach Salazar (I believe?) told them to kick it up to 6:00 or less they were running around 7:00 or so for 80% of their mileage. Even the face of Nike's sub 2:00:00 project was running some easy runs or recovery runs at 8:30 or slower. If all else fails, go slowersmile

    • @zero, my speed was 6.5 average for my long runs (12-13 miles) from start to finish and the same for my short runs. I think you guys are right I should slow down. I wonder if this soreness has to do with my shoes too (been wearing my shoes for three months now) ??!?? Anyways, I bought a new pair of shoes tonight just in case it is the problem.

    • I doubt it is the shoes but it could be. Look at speed and mileage like lifting with weights and reps. Higher weight lower rep or lighter weight higher rep? It's all gonna hurt your body one way or another, strengthen your body. But you wouldn't go heavy in every set, like how you wouldn't go light and do tons of reps for every workout either. Mix and match smile

    • @Ray, yup! It wasn't my shoes it was my speed

    • ^ I always had that problem. It's good sometimes to go faster on long runs but it depends on the when and why. I'm so sore I can't barely feel my buttocks from going too fast on my long run yesterday gasp
      But today's Monday and it's usually your day today from what I remember so best of luck!!!

    • Thanks @Ray! I had a long run Sunday so yesterday was my weight lifting day. I have to run today again.

    • Did you have a better run this time after skipping long run week before?

    • I run 10.5 miles tonight for two hours and I feel great! I'm not sore at all. Thank you guys for pointing out to my speed.

    • @zeroD yes! I feel so much better. Great advise! You guys are awesome smile

    • You will get to longer and faster in time. Just be patient and consistent and listen to your body.

    • Thanks zeroDiscipline. You are amazing!

    • I've been running enough years to have learned many lessons the hard way!! Lol