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No Kitchen -- Need Diet Suggestions

Let me explain myself --
I grew up in a home of morbidly obese folk. I don't know about healthy foods or the science behind food at all. I just know what tastes good and which brands of frozen corndogs and taquitos microwave best.

Now as an adult (30) my living situation is not ideal; I don't know how to cook and share a house with hyper-critical people, so I don't feel good about learning to cook now. I NEED to lose weight (5'10, 300lbs, severe knee and back pain).
In my room, I have a fridge/freezer and a small microwave, so I can store and warm things up.

For work, I'm in the car for about five hours a day and mostly live on fast-food, which I can't keep doing due to its unhealthy nature and ridiculous prices.

I want to start taking food with me (already bought a small cooler and travel dishes) however, I just don't know what to buy.

THE QUESTION IS -- Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas about what I can eat that are simple to prepare and not a lot of clean up (Sink is upstairs (knee pain)) that would be good on the go?

I feel so overwhelmed at all of the health advice out there, I just don't know what to believe.

So far I bought oatmeal instant packets (Original... or unflavored... whatever the word is), a bag of Almonds, a jar of Skippy Peanut Butter, and some Dannons Light and Fit Cheesecake Greek Yogurt which I bought (and I kid you not) because I stood before the wall of yogurt at Wal-Mart, and a short, skinny middle-aged woman reached passed for exactly that (she was skinnier and wiser than me, I trusted her).

I'm really lost and out of my wheel-house, but I need to make better, healthier life choices.
If anyone can offer any advice, I would be super grateful.

    • I tends to be lost on what are healthy and unhealthy. You can begin to decide your calories intake. You can eat 23 almonds for 160 calories and 49 pistachio for 160 calories. Each day will be challenging and it is important to not give up. You can eat those for snacks and get your full healthy fats intake which most people focus on 30/40/30. For vegetables and fruits, you can have it for lunch and dinner so you can easily filled healthy intake of carbs.... such as broccoli, cauliflower rice, carrot, Brussels sprout (steamed or roast using air fryer machine), one potatoes either boiled it or using air fryer machine which it is a healthier version of McDonald French fries, 5 olives would mean 20 calories, cucumbers, radishes, asparagus, string beans, black bean for fibers intakes. The shoprite have great special deal on frozen blueberries (1.99 for one pounds ish) which 50 of it equal to 39 calories.,tofu noddle (10 calories) are great if you missed ramen or udon noddles..full plain yogurt (120 calories per cup) and kimchi (protein) are great to get protein is important to get measuring cup and spoon (dollar stores)....4 frozen fishes ($6) can make decision on their prices and incorporate it your daily life to have a nutrition. I personally love seaweed and sugar free jello (dollar store for 4 jello for $1) or fresh market for 24 jellos for $5...

    • Great job making the decision to eat healthier. Stick to real, un-processed foods. Stock the fridge with whole plain yogurt, berries (good on top of yogurt) and fresh veggies (snap peas, bell peppers, cucumbers, celery, bags of spinach, broccoli & cauliflower) and eggs (eggs are easy to poach in a mug in the microwave). Cans of tuna (one can of tuna mixed with one mashed avocado over a bag of salad = easy lunch) and cans beans are handy. Consider picking up a crockpot (about $20) to cook up healthier soups, stews and meats with veggies.
      There are tons of recipe recommendations on Pinterest.

    • One thing that helps me is to meal plan. I make a list of what I'll eat for the week based on my crazy schedule and make sure I have the fridge/pantry area stocked. I spend an hour on Sunday prepping veggies in containers since it's cheaper than pre-cut like carrots, celery, peppers, broccoli etc.

    • Pinterest is great for not only healthy, cheap grocery lists but for easy meal prep ideas and recipes! I would recommend starting there!

      It's a great place to find recipes to help you learn to cook for yourself as well! And the app allows you to save or 'pin' things you like so you can find them later!

    • Also if you watch tasty videos they have some 'dorm room' meal videos that can be prepared using just a microwave or hot plate

    • I've been in a similar predicament in the past. Though some think it's not ideal, frozen steamable veggie packs are both delicious and a great way to have hot foods when you don't have a stove.

      Also, seasonings! Just a sprinkle of salt can liven up a meal, no need to over do it. I find that adding spicy seasonings (Cayenne, red pepper flakes, etc) makes me drink more water during a meal, filling up faster.

      If you can afford it, buying the pre-cut fresh fruit and veggies from the store makes them readily available for snacking as well. Do the math for a plate of celery and some nut/seed butter, and have at.

    • invest in a crockpot. You can keep it in your room. You can throw a bunch of healthy ingredients together and make soups and homemade chili etc; Easy to clean in the bathroom sink if you can't get to the kitchen.

    • Hello
      Reading your purchases, I just want to mention that foods like peanut butter and instant Oatmeal often include added sugars u r not aware of. To echo what a lot of people have probably already said, stick to fresh vegetables and don't forget about protein and fats - lean meats like shrimp, beans, hummus, Etc are fantastic
      Good luck!

    • What about some already made rotisserie chicken with some veggies..and you can make chicken salad out of it, or wraps...turkey and cheese rollups, tuna, of luck!

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      Jan 18 at 08:45 PM

      Get some of these Ziplock Zip-n-Steam bags. You can cook just about anything in them. A baked potato, sweet potato, all sorts of different veggies, fish to name a few.

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      Jan 18 at 08:45 PM

      Get some of these Ziplock Zip-n-Steam bags. You can cook just about anything in them. A baked potato, sweet potato, all sorts of different veggies, fish to name a few.

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      Jan 18 at 08:45 PM

      I use them quite frequently for baked potatoes and vegetables.