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Supporting Newly Sober Spouse

Hi all! I'm about six years sober"ish" and a year completely sober (and 7 months pregnant). My husband has said he wants to quit drinking in the New Year to help transition into a "new leaf". This would be wonderful as his relationship with alcohol is very, very unhealthy...but when he's not drinking, he's a total grump a s s. Not ideal for a new first time parent at all! I've explained to him that one of the biggest parts of getting sober is addressing the mindset behind the actions, but I don't think he grasps that.

Any tips I can do to help him transition, or any tips on what I can do to get through HIS transition?

    • Getting sober is hard and involves the entire family. He will probably get a lot grumpier as he gets off the booze and starts to realize things about himself. You can support him, but you can't do it for him. It is his choice every time he decides if wants to drink or do something else. Maybe you can do something together such as take a walk or do a hobby or house maintenance. If things are too "¬†real¬†" you might check out AA and al anon which is for family members to learn to cope. It can be done with commitment. Good luck to you all.