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Strong Curves!

Per the advice of some folks here I finally ordered the strong curves book, it should arrive tomorrow. I had started stronglifts 5x5 which I guess was working, I just haven't given it a lot of time, I got distracted.

what can I expect w/ SC? how have people's experiences been?

    • I did strong lifts 5x5 and ended up hating it.

      Then I did a custom program with good results

      Then I did New Rules (which is great).

      Now I'm doing strong curves and so far it's great too. I'm just about to finish week 6. I like it and it gives you some alternative moves if you don't have access to a gym. Easy to follow and nice progression.

    • I did Strong Curves for about 16 weeks this past spring. I followed the first 12 weeks,then just kept repeating week 12 a few more weeks. I was very happy with the program and my results. I still do many of the exercises from it as part of my own customized plan now.

      One big caveat was that I did a modified home based version where I substituted dumbbell versions of exercises as needed. So for barbell hip thrusts, for example, I put a dumbbell or kettle bell on my hips, etc. In some cases this means I couldn't go as heavy as you would w/ barbells, so I adjusted for that by pulsing, holding at the tops or bottoms of moves, doing extra reps/sets, and/or doing more single leg versions.

      My experience:
      - I did not grow a big booty. Lol. In fact my butt/ hip measurements went down slightly. I did however get better shape, lift, and strength
      - my biggest visible results were actually upper body. Got a lot of back, arm definition and increased strength.
      - I lost 1-2 inches on my belly and hips. My weight stayed constant.

      Oops, got to run. Will post something else later that may be useful.

    • Kris - I don't mind stronglifts I guess, it's just very monotonous. I know there has to be consistency and repetition in lifting to get results but it's just kind oooof.... blahhhh. boring. not that I wanna live at the gym but... eeeh.

      Jag - that's what I've been curious about... I'm not really super concerned with The Butt, but more with fat loss.

      I know you're in a better fitness position than I am so if I do SC and keep my food at deficit would I be losing more fat? I assume they address it in the book, but I'm curious about anecdotal experiences. a lot of stuff I've seen posted online is by thin ladies getting stronger, but not as much from a fat woman trying to get leaner.

    • Rad--my legs couldn't take all the squats.

    • I just loathe barbell rows. I dunno if it's bc my chest is in the way but I never feel like i get anything out of it. :/

    • There's a good reddit forum on SC that I found helpful for questions and advice from others doing the program , you might want to check out, if you haven't already. I actually opened a reddit account just for that purpose.

      Also Brett Contreras ( who wrote SC) has a decent IG feed/content and I've noticed does ( sometimes) actually answer questions on there.

    • I think I found you by accident haha! I try to avoid reddits but I'll peruse that one until my book arrives. but at least the hip thrusts alone guarantee more variety than stronglifts.

      I noticed when I was doing workouts regularly and participated in the occasional strongman class (SO much fun), I had a great, almost easy time of it because so much depended on explosive hip power, so developing that would be fun.

    • To your question about fat loss / deficit while doing SC. I'm by no means qualified to answer(!) . I'm such a newbie to these things myself. : )

      But I'll give give my two cents anyway. Please, someone, correct me or add to this though.

      If you're eating at a deficit you'll likely find it hard to build/grow muscle. But getting stronger and maintaining existing muscle mass while losing fat will help you burn even more fat, give all sorts of health benefits, and leave you with beautiful defined muscle being revealed as the fat comes off.

      I know I was likely not eating enough when I did SC. Not intentionally, but I was only recently at maintenance during that time and I think nervous to revert to old habits. But even so: I got stronger. I lost belly and hip/saddlebag/love handles area fat. And I had significant more muscle definition and strength. So for me, I was happy. Plus I'm 48 and am striving primarily for health and aging benefits vs bodybuilding. (And yes, to look better in my swimsuit . Lol. )

    • Lol. Yes I'm on reddit w/ very similar user name. : )

    • Yeah I'm not super worried about lifting goals right now because I still have the benefit of beginner gains and whatever the initial surge of strength is brought on by. it's fat loss I'm after; strength is for later when I'm in the mid 100s and feel comfortable. I know my lbm is 108 so as I lose fat I'll be able to make sure it stays.

    • Ah, got it. I misunderstood what you were asking. That sounds like a good plan.

      I think SC is very good, and not as female/ booty-only focused as some think, which is mainly based on the way it's marketed and branded. It has the traditional moves ( deadlift, squats, presses, pulls, rows) with an added layer of extra glute and leg stuff ( hip thrusts, etc).

    • fabulous. that's all I need, I just like variety.

    • I definitely liked the variety with NROLFW and SC.

    • taps foot impatiently

    • I really like the SC concept, too. I did StrongLifts for ~4-5 months and I really liked it, although looking back it does seem repetitive..but it was exactly what I needed at that time.

      I am currently working with a trainer, but am semi-committed to SC when the time comes.

      Hope it arrives soon and that you keep us up to date with your progress!

    • ok, my book arrived and I'm enjoying reading thru it but unfortunately between needing to eat late lunch/early dinner, get ready for friend's birthday, and frankly overly sore quads, I think I'll just read thru for today.

      I am am a little nervous about the ghd workouts cause I'm very uncomfortable dangling.

      the caloric recommendations are a lot higher than I've gotten anywhere else so I think I'll just stick to 1500-1800 range for now.

      I know less is more, and I'll follow instructions for the month. but as of right now it's hard to believe it will be as revolutionary as some of the reddit posts suggest. I'd be happy to be proven wrong!

    • I think it's a good program but I am not following their dietary guidelines at all.

      Read through because I think they give you modifications and alternate exercises if you can't do some of them.

    • Yeah, I didn't follow the dietary stuff either. Just kept eating jerf at my TDEE plus 200-400 more on days I worked out, depending. I did try to increase protein esp,with those extra calories.

    • this is one of the only sources I've encountered that advises you to eat with variety. every other source (including Renaissance Periodization, which is so popular in my sphere but I couldn't handle*) seems to suggest eating Only Three Types Of Food Or You Will Struggle. Very pleased with the recommendation of vitamin D and fish oil as well, because I have done that in the past and it has helped imo.

      if nothing else, Bret and Kellie at least hate the idea of women suffering with lettuce and dry chicken.

      overall it's kind of nice to see the things I'd observed in my own progress and body in the past be quantified. he avoids going into the science of some stuff and I wish he had!

      *I tried RP at the end of the summer and eating high carb and low fat made me so tired and sluggish and I felt awful and bloated. it was absolutely miserable. I started gaining weight halfway thru the first month, which was the final straw for me, and made no gym progress either. It looks like it works for a lot of people but honestly the idea of consuming over 120g of protein makes me feel nauseous.

      80-150g carbs seems to be my ideal, and 70-90g of fat, and about 100g protein. which, conveniently, is about 1800 calories. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ live and learn.

    • Does anyone know if SC or NROLFW can be done at home with kettle and/or regular weights? Thank you smile