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Are you implying I am fat?

As a larger woman and previously a large teen I was riddled with comments implying I am/was fat without a person actually saying "You are a fat". I have heard some doozies....I always had a good come back too as I am proud of me regardless my size. Share your experiences.

    • I will start.....

      A few months ago I was at pink looking at underware for my teenage daughter when a lady behind me said "They dont carry plus sizes here do they Elle?" I turned around and said " No they dont that is why I am buying 4 pairs so I can take them apart and sew them together so they fit me"! Both mother and daughter looked in my eyes and left the store.

    • i was at a store once looking at a pair of shorts and the lady told me i need to look at "woman sized" clothing and took me back to the plus sized section. the shorts i originally picked out fit me

    • most of them came from my mother, usually along the lines of "leggings will make you look like a sausage" and bright colors "make you look like a traffic cone"

      otherwise it's creepy men assuring me the weight's not a problem

    • @fat-pumpkin that has happened to me too!

    • I was in line at a convenience store to buy smokes and I guy kept grinning at me so I just sort of smiled. He then proceeded to point at my stomach and ask me if I was having a baby. I guess between my chubby size and the way I was resting my hand on my back, he figured I was pregnant.

      I didn't even blink and bluntly replied.

      "Nope. I'm just fat."