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mattresses for stomach sleepers

I sleep on my stomach and my $200 walmart pillowtop mattresses just aren't cutting it anymore. I didn't feel it as much as a teen and early 20s but since I got to my mid 20s I have been waking up with lower back pain in the morning and occasionally have to wake up and painfully reposition overnight. frown

if you're a stomach sleeper and have a bed that helps... which is it?

I've been looking at those luxe mattresses like casper but they're REALLY expensive so I wanna be sure if I'm gonna get one.

    • I really love my mattress. It has a really thick foam top attached. But not the kind where you leave a firm depression. I don't like real memory foam mattresses for that reason. I have no idea what brand it is. I bought it 1 year old for $300 from a senior moving out of an apartment in college. I can check later, but it probably wasn't cheap brand new.

    • eee I'm not sure I'd ever feel comfortable with a second hand mattress but I'm glad it's comfy! let me know what brand if is when you can, I'd like to look into it!

    • Costco has great mattress, we bought a foam one that is excellent.

    • Mine is a sleep innovations M-14G3LAYQ. I don't know if they make it anymore. But it's 14" with a gel foam top. I've been very happy with it. I sleep mostly on my stomach.

      And I've had an allergy cover over it since I got it, and the person I bought it from had used it for about 8 months first. Normally not something I would do, but it's worked out for me.

    • I'd also recommend trying a memory foam mattress topper before buying a new mattress. My boyfriend's mattress is way too hard for me, so we got a 3-ish inch topper. It makes a big difference. You sink down enough to be comfortable, but the mattress still has support.

    • MMM do you know where you guys bought the topper? I've been wanting to buy one for a while but it's so difficult to know which one to buy

    • I'm pretty sure we just walked into Wal-Mart and bought the only one they had.