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came out

I just came out from a low calorie diet that I had done from two months, I know that this is bad and I felt like crap by doing that.So now I'm trying to be a better person and reach 2,000 calories per day since I'm 15 and I weigh like 51.8 kJ, and when I started my diet I went to the hospital to get my blood tested and it said that I was anemic, I was so scared by the consequences of being anemic, but it turns out it that it runs in the family.Yet,I encourage other young teenagers to not do this, because those people who you might look up bcs they might look way better than you are fake,since they photoshop themselves or either had plastic surgery,but right now I look up to Lili Reinhart,bcs in my opinion she makes me feel good about myself.I beg young people and others to not do a low calorie diet,bcs there are other people that cares of you...Love you...and "your amazing just the way you are"~Bruno Mars.BTW don't forget to show off your smile like life depends on it. smile)