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a long investment

struck me today as I was thinking that even though I know, mechanically, that weight loss takes a long time (especially when there's so much), I kept thinking of the whole process as something to accomplish in a short sprint. 3 months here, 3 months there, boom! but that problem is in my thought process.

it's going to take me two years at least because it's not linear, there will be plateaus and frustration, and I will have to prepare for getting through them and juggling my mood disorder and other erratic parts of life. and that makes me feel very tired.

but if I want to avoid going back over and over again to the starting point, which is a doomed circle, I have to think clearly and do the work.

i think I finally get it now... it's like a degree or a career, it takes a long time to acquire and become what you want.

just thinking thoughts, nowhere else to express them.