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Jan 18 at 09:45 AM

Fasting Tips/ Results?

Does anyone here do any sort of fasting routine? What do you do? How does it make you feel? What results have you seen?

My husband swears he loses weight and feels the best when doing intermittent fasting. I've also just been seeing a lot about it lately, and I've been thinking about it - just looking for more info.

I ran across this LS article with tips in case anyone is interested:

    • I am doing the 16/8 fasting ! I started this on January 14, 2019 and I feel incredible. My healthy journey to eating properly started on January 7, 2019 and since then I have lost 9 pounds. The key to doing this fasting is to pick a time that fits your routine. I do 11 AM to 7 PM. I still drink lots of water and black tea during my 16 hours of fasting. It might all be in my head but I feel better than ever. I truly think that fasting for an appropriate time during the day is key to keeping a healthy lifestyle. I also must say that it does help you keep track of your calories and make sure you stay on point with getting to the appropriate number.

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      Jan 18 at 11:50 AM

      See that's the feedback I usually get - is that the person loves it and is seeing great results! Hmmmmm.... I may have to give it a go wink I am worried that my daily hectic schedule will get in the way with having to eat on a specific schedule tho.... we'll see smile
      Thanks for all the info lady!

    • No problem at all! Small steps even if you do it a couple times a week to start it counts smile

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      Jan 18 at 11:57 AM

      Awesome thanks! smile

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      Jan 18 at 05:21 PM

      I've heard great things about fasting as well. I'm in my second day and so far so good. I've picked 12-8. Night time is a little hard since that's when I always ate cause of boredom. Ugh.

    • I have been doing this as well I'm on day 5 and it really does help me keep track of calories and I am also a night snacker-so it helps me stay motivated not to do that -so yeah I seen a girl online that fasts so I figured I'd try this first

    • 16/8 fasting
      I'm trying 12noon-8pm
      Day 5 so far so good

    • I've only done, or even considered doing, Long Water-only fasting. I spent nearly a month doing research on the subject and had to weed out quite a bit of info related to intermittent fasting in the process. From what I've read on Intermittent fasting, it doesn't sound like a very safe way to go, especially if you're considering protein supplementation.

      Long water-only fasting is much safer to do as long as you don't have a job that requires a lot of physical exertion. The first time I tried it, I lost 20 pounds in 10 days, then everything started slowing down. Of course I had plenty of fat to burn off at the time as well. I ended that fast at 14 days. My second fast was intended to be 40 days but cut it short due to over exertion and dehydration around day 32.

      Ultimately I went from 192lb down to 146lb, then ended up gaining 15lbs back over the holidays, so did 9 days of a planned 14 day water fast, then switched to keto diet, to see how things will go with that for a while. I lost 10 pounds during the fast, and its been a week into the keto diet but haven't lost anymore weight. I do feel as though I may have lost some inches around my waist this past week, so my now 36in pants are feeling a bit looser. Big drop from the 40's I was wearing last summer.