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Saturday Goals

Good morning all!

It's raining here which is wonderful !

Post your goals for the day here with us!

    • Good morning!

      That made me smile.

      Susan, thinking about you today.

      Today will be a domestic day. I also NEED to deal with some paperwork. Laundry may happen. Eat well and less... Hoping to get in the pool, but I really messed it up at Thanksgiving and it STILL has a fairly strong chemical scent. I don't want to burn my lungs again. Play with weights? I really need to begin a structured program...

      I hope Winter Storm Harper is kind to everyone.

    • Good morning everyone!

      Busy day for me.

      Today I will:

      1. Eat well and at goal--my non profit has a lunch meeting today. Need to manage calories and cost.

      2. Cardio is done

      3. Feed 2 colonies

      4. Take 2 cats home and release them. Luckily they live down the street from my lunch me, so no extra trips. Will be donating a shelter to 1 of them, if they want it.

      5. Domestic crap--grocery, bills, etc.

      6. Whatever else comes along

      7. Bed by 10 or so. I didn't sleep well again last night.

      We are in for a day/evening of rain, which is better than ice I suppose, but I'm really tired of it.

      Have a great day everyone!

    • Hey guys! Happy Saturday sitting here enjoying my coffee, comfy jammas, and my husband's snores smile

      Today I'm going to

      eat planned meals
      work in the yard
      work on baby shower stuff
      My son has a playdate at noon. Should be fun smile

    • good morning

      1) eat smart and as close to goal as possible. having late brunch with a friend so I want to enjoy without overenjoying.

      2) drink water

      3) gym - workout A again

      4) vitamins, therapy lamp

      5) find something to speak positively about. just one thing. it's very tiring to be sad or listless all the time.

      good luck everyone, enjoy your Saturday.

    • Good morning! Off for a snowy ski weekend!

    • Have fun MMM! Hang in there Radeeo! Brunch with a friend sounds fun. I find that I don't socialize as much as I would like because it usually involves alcohol and food.

      I have been considering taking a class of some sort. Or joining a rec council sport. Something to get me out without food/alcohol involved.

    • good afternoon all
      today been to work then had coffee
      swim later
      not much else
      will walk later
      have a blessed day everyone

    • Good morning all.

      Rad - sorry you are feeling down. I think you're doing well with your strong curves start. I bought that scale you recommended to Jeff. Just did first weigh in w/ It this morning so I'm interested to track my progress with those metrics now.

      Mmm - skiing sounds awesome. I love to ski ( not great at it). I haven't been much the last few years. Perhaps I'll get out there this winter

      I can never remember all the comments to respond.

      But I hope everyone has a good day and successful.

      Big Snow heading my way today.

      Eat healthy, exercise, house clean, probably snow shovel later.

    • Good morning from cloudy Savannah. The high today 73; low tomorrow morning 29. No Wonder I have a sinus headache. Must push through. I'm hosting a wedding shower today.

      -- eat sensibly
      -- hydrate
      -- stay sane

      I actually lowered my protein to 75g. We'll see how it goes. Apparently 90 is too much for me.

      Hope everyone has a healthy and successful day.

    • Rad, you are far from listless. You woke up, you are going to a gym. I celebrate that for you and with you as does every single person in this thread. You had a number of goals - you go get them! We are impressed so don't marginalize your accomplishments.

    • Saturday goals:
      1. Eat healthy and stay under goal
      2. Full body lifting & 20-30 cycling.
      3. Sardines at lunch.. 4th can going down (Karl)
      4. Vacuum car & truck if can take the cold.
      5. Relax and enjoy Saturday!

    • Today I have friends taking me to dinner for my birthday to one of my favorite restaurants, so my goals will be to go to the gym, choose a healthy meal at dinner, and avoid alcohol. I will allow myself to enjoy my meal without guilt.

    • thanks, patty and jag. I will try to bring the energy i take to the gym to other parts of my life smile

    • susanjeanc has a Gold Membership
      Gold Member

      Jan 19 at 10:10 AM

      I am here
      Yesterday was already over calories when I gave in to ice cream. Today may be salvageable.
      Workout is not happening
      Storm seems to be over for us with nothing
      No snow no rain no ice
      I am disappointed
      I will make an attempt to sort out my Quicken problem
      Not only has all information disappeared but the whole program is gone!!!!

      Bright spot has been a phone call from grandchild

      I have read everyone 's post, think about each of you.

    • also taylor happy birthday! definitely enjoy your meal guilt-free. stay strong!

    • Happy Birthday MTaylor!

    • mytaylor happy birthday have a blessed day

    • I forgot to take the meat out of the freezer so I'm changing gears and all three meals today are breakfast haha. a nice breakfast quesadilla for dinner sounds good. and it actually takes me back within calorie goal despite eating out for brunch.

    • Thank you, all! Technically it's tomorrow, but I'm celebrating with family tomorrow so it's friends' day today.

      Guess where I am?

    • found the good thing today.

      when I moved into my apt and got pillows for my couch, I accidentally tore a hole in one when pulling the tag off and have been meaning to do something about it for 6 months now. Finally sat down and learned a whip stitch. it was easy and soothing to fix. not beautiful but it does the trick and no more stuffing leaking out. smile