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2019 Update

Hey all! So I've been tracking since Jan 2nd. Goal 1 complete. Have been eating healthier and have lost a few pounds. Did my first weightlifting session last Sunday n sucked horribly. frown Only used the total gym but had DOMS for 3 days. Friday I did the same routine on the total gym and dumbbells plus 20 min of decent paced cycling.. Today I felt even better and did a whole upper body routine with dumbbells and can feel my strength coming back! I also rode the eliptical for 5 min (almost died) but then hit the bike hardcore for 15 more minutes. Both knees are shot, had surgery 3 months ago on my left knee and was told no walking or standing by my doc.. Things are looking up, I've lost a few lbs and feeling much better..
Please chime in with your 2019 success stories no matter how large or small. We all need motivation!!
Happy Saturday! smile