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Losing Weight is for Feeling Good Within

Earlier this year I had to get my driver's licensed renewed and was blown away with my scale at that time, IT WAS 72kg (at my of 5'6 height) I already felt like I gained weight but I didnt think it'd be that bad. I consider myself to have a regular appitite for a 19 year old, but when I saw my scale I knew I had to change-- MY PLATE HAS HELPED ME SO much with watching what I ate. In a span of 3 weeks I went to 68kg with just diet and a bit of exercise! NOW IM TRYING MY BEST TO ATTAIN MY GOAL WEIGHT OF 55KG.

At first losing weight to me was just superficial, wanting to look good, being skinny, etc... But after these recent results I've noticed and felt a dirastic improvement with my work ethic, my breathing, mental health and basically accomplishing my daily routine everyday.