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6th day over today smile

Today was more relaxed after a emotionally tumulus week . I have understood that the idea is to keep reminding that smoking won't solve a situation permanently it will just spoil your body , mind and I strongly believe even our soul , so it's a weakness to seek a resolution in it . I am so happy I quit , my mouth feels so fresh , good tastes much better and my sense of smell has become sharp already . I don't have to go through the guilt and sudden loss of energy that I felt after smoking the cancer stick . I have started being judgemental towards people who smoke , I know I should look down upon the sin and not the sinner . I have also started telling ppl how bad smoking because as the days are passing by I have realizing the harm it did to my mind and body n after quitting I am already feeling so much better physically and also there is a new found mental clarity . The resolve is the most important here hence its imp to go back to the reason from time to time . Quit body and mind must be feeling so loved right now smile
Congrats for living a more authentic life with a healthier body and mind .
Love K