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Just Felt Like Sharing...

Started smoking when I was 17. Knew I was hooked 2 days after I first tried it and went and bought myself a pack after I could not get rid of a "headache."

Sure enough, smoking "helped" that night and I never looked back. I downloaded this app multiple times over the past 12 years (I am 29) only to delete several times. I smoked upwards of 2 packs per day and always more than a pack.

Recently I was averaging 27 per day when I set a goal to wean and quit. I made it down to 9 per day and crumbled my pack up. I was done. That was 01/14 and I am now approaching a week without a smoke. It's the longest I have ever gone. I feel very at peace and have for the most part all week. I don't say that to sound cocky or even condescending to others who are struggling, but it is how I truthfully feel. I was ready to be done smoking and more importantly, letting something else (not just the nicotine) impact and control my decisions/choices.

    • That's one amazing introduction - welcome back!
      You're highly motivated, you can do this.
      I hope you stay close to the community from here on. The support it provides is truly unique.

      Let's rock this!
      We're all in it together.

    • For sure! Thanks for the feedback and positive response

    • I've tried to quit 1,000x's over the last 13 yrs! Was smoking 2 packs a day 2 yrs ago when I loaded the app. Caved & slipped twice since loading the app! With the support of this great community it finally clicked! I really felt like a serial quitterfrown( Please never quit quitting!! If I could do it I know you can too!! Trina

    • I get what you are saying. For many of us it's "easier" because we decided to be ✅ done. I know some really want to quit and struggle, I did for years. Finally just making up my mind after 39 years of smoking that I was DONE made it so much easier. Please remember to always protect your quit!
      Not One Puff Ever! NOPE

    • I love this intro... so honest and encouraging!

      Do NOT have guilt about rocking this quit! Just own it!

      29 is the perfect age to have your forever quit.

    • All good stuff- thanks for the responses!

      Very intrigued by your point @mohoov, especially. Gives me something to think about! Cheers

    • Welcome Matt ... good to have ya brotha, things will get rough occasionally, feel free to post often

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      Jan 20 at 10:19 PM

      Hey Matt, I just want to echo what Pete said. I totally respect and appreciate the strength you feel today.

      And also-- just know there will be days that that resolve might not be so strong. I was a heavy smoker too. For 35 years. And I think I know where you're coming from. That habit and your old patterns are real and can snap at your heels.

      I suggest you come up with strategies for those really hard moments. Sometimes they seem to sort of come out of the blue and you want to have some tools to use for those difficult moments. It's helpful to hear how it's going and how do you share from time to time. Great job and thanks for your return to the LS family.