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I drink everyday

Hi everyone- I was drinking everyday and when I drank everyday the longest we'll, it was for 8 months straight. I never blacked out I never found myself somewhere I shouldn't be- but I did take a turn where I hit my boyfriend twice. I put holes in the walls and I threw my phone so hard i found it the next day 3 streets over. I had been shoved out of a car by a man last May who left me for dead didn't call the police and actually fled so fast the police didn't even catch him till a month later and of course- he was released the same day. Not even a day in jail while I am left with a fake tooth scars all over my body and I, well, I was pregnant and the man - well he was actually a good friend I'd had known for years. Needless to say I clung to the bottle like a child to candy. Ppl told me to stop and that I had a problem and I mostly didn't get out of hand but there were those 3 instances that I realized the toll was higher to pay than what I was getting out of drinking but I just couldn't stop. I'm stubborn as a mule and I'm thick in the head as it gets. It took my bf of 7 years to say to me 2 nights ago that he was afraid to have children with me. That hurt me. That cut me deep to the core and I cried the biggest tears that have ever dropped from my eyes before. Yesterday I went all day without any at all. Not a drop. Today I have work and then I get home and I usually have 2-3 and eat dinner while waiting for my bf to get back... Im already dreading coming home and sitting here with what I consider nothing to do because let's face it- house work without a drink is a chore. Does anyone have any pointers on how to do this ? I'm going to no matter what but making it suck less would be helpful in getting me passed the irritation stage where I know I always fail and start saying "oh one won't hurt, two, three"... thanks

    • Hi amber I read your story and you can beat this alcohol. I have recently gave up the booze ten days ago. It's not easy, probably one of the hardest things I've ever done voluntarily. I'm doing it with help though. Try this web site. "This naked mind" A women named Annie Grace does it. There is also a 30 day experiment you can try. Seems like most peeps on the site do this. I wish you well give it a try

    • Hi Amber. I, too, used to drink consistently (every weekend). I'm a college student that can barely make it by without drinking, but I knew things had to change. I've been sober for just over a month and the most important advice I can give you is finding something else to fill your time. Be it exercise, a hobby, reading or really anything. If you find something new to appreciate, the need to drink will go away naturally because you won't have the time. Best of luck and remember that you are the master of your own domain!