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I need help

I'm 15 about 5ft 7 and I've always been overweight. I'm currently around 250-260 lbs and I'm having a lot of struggle with weight loss. Food cravings are my worst enemy and I'm not sure how to break that habit. I'm also having trouble sticking to a routine. If you know any workouts, or any help at all, I'd love to hear it.

    • Quit eating processed foods, junk and added sugar. Sugar is highly addictive and you need to cut it out, cold turkey. It will take one to two weeks to get over those cravings.

      Workouts are going to do very little for weight loss, but they are great for helping you become healthy. I would suggest you start walking. Try to get in 60 minutes of physical activity every day.

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      Mar 03 at 08:59 AM

      I have experienced the same thing and now I am 50.

      Try using an app called noom if you can. It will cost though after a trial. The information is great to help you get started even if you only use the trial.

      otherwise eat fresh foods as close to raw as possible. Any exercise is good. It burns calories.

    • 8 week jump rope challenge and maybe the 16:8 fasting where you only eat during 8 hours until the next day smile

    • How is the food environment at home.. It's very difficult if everyone else is eating the stuff you like and you're not in charge of the groceries.

      Sometimes even though it's boring you can try and make your own food ... Eating the same thing everyday while you try to elementary sugar is the easiest if found . I used to eat eggs for breakfast. Salad and grilled chicken for Luch and something similar for dinner. Everyday for one month before I started adding variety.

      Also if you are eating your own food try to avoid family meal time. Actually don't hangout with your family until at least two weeks later and you should be able to control your craving. It sounds harsh but it is the only way!